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How Not to Fail at Building Rapport

By June 8, 2016November 29th, 2022No Comments4 min read

Building connections with your customers and prospects is crucial because these connections help you to close the sale. But how can you build rapport that is lasting, based on genuine respect, and is something that both you and the customer can rely on? Read on to find out more.

Start from the Very Start

As a multi-award winning telemarketing and lead generation company we take our customers very seriously and know that from the very start, your conversations and interactions with prospects and customers  should aim at building lasting customer relations. This is, after all, the whole point of being an intuitive salesperson. The first time you meet or speak to a prospect you need to make sure that by the time they leave or you end the call, you have at least a tentative rapport with them, were they are willing to come back and have another chat. Do not try to sell them the business in the first go, instead, aim at establishing a connection, where they get to know you and you get to understand their requirements and needs.

Let Your Vulnerability Show

This may seem like weakness to you right now, but the fact of the matter is that nobody believes that plastic smile and cheesy pitch you offer in your sales. People want to see that you genuinely care and are actually willing to help them out in the best manner possible. And this is only visible when you let them see how human you are. Vulnerability and genuine human emotion allows people to connect on a deeper level. Let them know what a hectic week you have had without giving the sob story or ask them how their ill child or pet was the next time you meet them. They will be touched by your care.

Be Genuine  

Yes, please do. The whole idea behind building fails proof rapport is that you are genuine with all your clients and prospective customers. Don’t go on and on about the company, its excellent services, and amazing products; instead, ask about the needs and desires of the client and how you can solve their concerns through your experience and expertise. Ask them questions that show genuine concern and give out advice to the best of your knowledge.

Do Not Dominate!

Dominating the conversation or trying to underestimate the prospective client is one of the worst things that you can possibly do. Keep in mind that you are trying to convert them into your customers, which means that you need to give them space for expression. If they are not comfortable in telling you what it is they seek, then you will never be able to build rapport with them. Let them be expressive without any condescension. And try not to be the only one who talks. Let them have the floor. The better listener you are, the more likely you will be able to retain the client.

Become Suggestive and Helpful

Most of the customers or prospective clients that you meet or speak to will not know what is it that they exactly want. They will unconsciously rely on you to guide them, but they will never openly accept that to your face. Your job is not to handle them like naive kids but to treat them with respect and consideration. Suggest what you think might be best for them, but also let them have options on what it is they pick. Let them be the ultimate decision makers.

With these techniques, you will be able to build a rapport without fail with all your customers and prospective clients.  

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