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Closing the Deal – How to Upsize Your Reward?

By June 2, 2016May 29th, 2023No Comments4 min read

Closing the Deal – How to Upsize Your Reward?

If you have been in sales for long, then you must be aware of the rush of adrenaline when you just know that the deal is about to be finalised! It is something that is incomparable to any other feeling. But the thing is, closing deals is not as easy nor as effective these days, because of high competition and short attention span of the customers. Of course, by no means does this imply that closing deals with higher rewards is impossible. Here are four tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind in order to close a deal quickly and effectively:

Listen, then Listen Some More

At the Lead Generation Company, we know that listening is a crucial skill that you need to develop in order to be a successful deal closer. If you think that talking too much is going to convince a prospect client to invest in your product or services, then you need to immediately change your perspective from hard-selling to customer-centric sales. No one wants to listen to a person drone on and on about how great the company is and how their product is the best in the market. What you should aim at instead is getting the customer to talk about what it is they want, need, and can pay for.

If you’re doing any telemarketing  you can use the information to tailor your pitch and deliver it so you can sell them your services. These days, sales is all about the customer and you need to let them talk about how it is they want to do business with you. You will be surprised at how much people want to be heard instead of being talked down at.

Solve Problems instead of Outright Selling

Another important thing that you need to do in order to close a sale effectively is to try and solve whatever problem the prospective customer is facing. Often businesses come to a lead generation company, not because they want something out of interest but because they are in need of some resolution. As the sales person, you can offer them alternatives without sounding like you are trying too hard. Listen and then suggest solutions.

Use Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology works better than you could ever have hoped for. Tell the customer that you understand if they don’t think your product or service is for them. Let them know that you care about them more than you care about selling your business. This creates an air of confidence that you have in what you do along with a sense of reliability and trust.  It is one of the most effective closing techniques that you can use.

Honesty is Key

No matter what, you need to stay honest. Understand this; sales backfire at the last minute if the client finds out that you lied about something or even if you stretched the truth. So stay honest, and let them know both the good and bad i.e. cases where your product and service best fits their need and budget, and where it doesn’t for closing deals with better rewards.

A Good Deal is a Loyal Customer!

Remember this. If the customer is not happy enough to want to come back, you were not successful. Loyal customers are worth a 1,000 of one timers. So try to build a relation and not just sell a product once. Keep in mind that rewards are always higher when you are dealing with repeat clients because they already have faith in your capabilities.

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