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Tips On Crafting A Great Sales Pitch

By May 11, 2016June 16th, 2023No Comments4 min read

How to influence the C-Suite

The C-Suite is a widely-used term that is used to collectively refer to a corporation’s most important senior executives. It tends to get its name due to titles that  start with the letter C, for  example, chief, as in chief executive officer, chief operating officer and chief information officer, really it’s all the people you want to speak to are able to make the decisions in a business. However, actually getting to talk to them can be another matter and getting passed the gatekeepers and speaking to the top level directly, with a sales objective is the dream every sales person envisions with open eyes. After all, they are the executives and the authority holding the pen to sign and close the sale deal.

As you know in the world of B2B telemarketing sales, it is constantly evolving, being driven fast with new methods, techniques and strategies that seem and claim to generate instant sales for you, with the flick of an invisible wand. But, these techniques and strategies would only be workable for the generic clients and your market and the lead pool. While pitching your product or service to the high-level authorities, you need to come up with something unique and innovative to match the interest and attention of the highest level of command. A general sales pitch that you execute for the general customers would not do the job when it goes to the C-level and therefore, your sales pitch needs some significant moderations making it worthy of the top level. This article gives you a set of tips and tricks to crafting an excellent sales pitch if you are aiming to reach out to the C-suite authorities.

Do your Homework, and Make it Customized

As every organisation is different from the other, so are its demands and business requirements. While devising your sales pitch to present to an executive of the organisation,   there are a number of things that you need to do first.  As an award-winning lead generation company,  we recognise  you need to complete your homework about the organisation, its business, operational dealings and an analysis of their requirements that you would offer to satisfy their needs. This extensive, pre-presentation research would help you get a good insight about the company and you would be  in a better position to craft a customised sales pitch that perfectly fits the needs and requirements of the prospective client. Also, the research would enable you to answer and respond to the queries preceding the sales meeting, in a smart and profitable manner.

Highlight the Intangible Returns

When you are seeking to address to the C-site authorities, as the sales person you should keep in mind that they would be more interested in the benefits they would gain through the business deal. So, you need to highlight all the profit and gains that your product or service would bring to the organisation. It does not mean merely focusing on the tangible benefits, as in the price, the physical attribute and their significance, the evident advantages. Rather, base your offer on the theme of the intangible values and benefits your product has which makes it unique and superior from its competitors and substitutes. Highlight your superior advantage, your cutting edge, your unique selling proposition and how your product is the ultimate solution to their business needs and you are more likely to conclude the meeting on successful notes.

Price it over Value

While devising a sales pitch for the decision makers, make it a point to adopt a value-based pricing strategy, with your sole focus directed upon the product values and superior advantages and how these values would help them reap benefits. C-Suite executives are smart brained and they would detect the deficiency and loophole in your sale pitch no matter how efficiently you present your case and offer. Value based pricing would help establish a superior and premium persona, portraying it as a brand and presenting it as the most sensible and valuable choice.

The good news is: selling to the decision maker’s is not rocket science. The bad news is: it’s no less either. Crafting an exceptional Sales Pitch specifically for the C-suite authorities is your key to generating and boosting sales, since decision making lies in their job descriptions and therefore, they would be the one to decide the fate of your sales offer, so make sure you do it the right way.

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