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Evaluate Your Elevator Pitch

By June 15, 2016November 29th, 2022No Comments4 min read

You never get a second chance to create a good first impression. An elevator pitch is the first impression you make about your product or service and for the sake of your business, you have no other choice but to pitch it as best as you can towards the market or the candidate pool. An elevator is a conclusive set of statements and the executive summary that provides insight into your business and entails tiny bits of essential information that are the main highlights of your business offer or strategy.

An elevator pitch decides the fate of the business; if it is good enough, it will definitely catch the attention of the prospective clients and would make them interested to know more about your offer. And if it is not up to the mark, they would barely give it a second thought. An elevator pitch is your key to developing a prospective client base. It is your handiest tool to base your entire business plan and strategy; therefore, it has to be crafted with skill and expertise to ensure it meets its objective.

An ideal elevator pitch spans over 60 minutes of time if it is verbal or a one page summary of your business in case if it is documented. Here we discuss some essential elements that make an elevator pitch catchy and outstanding and helps attract the audience attention. Evaluate your pitch on this ground and you would know how effective your elevator pitch is, and if it just with the competitor or highlights itself from the rest of the crowd.

Find the gap

Obviously, you do not hold the monopoly in the market, and like all others you do have your fair share of competitors consistently striving with all might to snatch your market share. But still, there might be certain areas that the market players lag behind on and you can make it your edge by addressing to the deficiency. Identify a market deficiency or problem such as appointment setting and make it the basis or theme of your elevator pitch, ultimately presenting your business as the solution to that specific problem.

Say it all, but not everything

An ideal elevator pitch is brief yet concise, that is, it covers all important information about your business, its features and the offer you are making. However that does not at all mean that you add every single thing that your business is about into the pitch, or it would eventually end up looking like a long, redundant and boring salesman’s speech. Include the highlights and the prime features of your business and leave those extra and unnecessary details for formal meetings. This would give your elevator pitch a tinge of mystery and would leave the business prospects curious and want to know more.

Have a ‘natural’ call to action

An effective elevator pitch does not need the cosmetics of flowery vocabulary, length, and twisted sentence structure or being too formal or too informal. As an award-winning lead generation and telemarketing company we know that you need to be careful how you devise and present it since this is your tool to personal selling and overdoing any aspect of it would make you sound desperate and fake. Be natural throughout the course, from introducing yourself, to explaining the issue or the objectives or while offering your service with the call for action.

All in all, an elevator pitch may seem small but it is one of the most effective tools that have the capacity uplift your business and create its unique selling proposition. It is important and therefore, has to be planned and devised accordingly.

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