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B2B Sales Can Drive Your Business

B2B sales campaigns are at the centre of a huge number of successful businesses. If your business doesn’t currently have a B2B selling campaign up and running there is an argument that you are missing out on a highly profitable aspect of your business.

B2B Sales Strategy

Implementing a B2B sales strategy can see your businesses profitability increase dramatically in a short period of time. Reaching out to new prospects who may consider working with your business ensures that your lead pipeline is consistently seeing new leads being generated. This will lead to more revenue coming in which helps to safeguard your businesses finances which are of the utmost importance in these uncertain times.

Winning Over Prospects

Winning over prospects is far from an easy thing to do. Every single day businesses are likely to be exposed to countless different sales presentations of various different services. As a result, it’s vital when you are pitching your businesses services to stand out from the various other firms you are in competition with. Developing a B2B sales strategy is essential in order to convert more leads which have presented themselves to your company.

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How To Develop A Successful B2B Sales Strategy

There are various different techniques which businesses must implement in order to develop a more sustainable system in order for them to increase the amount of business they generate. There are various techniques your staff can implement to develop a better knowledge of prospects and to increase the likelihood of closing out deals.

Identify Who YOU Want To Work With

One of the most common issues which companies have within B2B selling strategies is not having a clear knowledge of the types of businesses they want to be engaging with. Devoting time to identify what industry you want to target can be tedious, but it will be incredibly rewarding with regards to the efficiency of your campaign. Being able to quickly identify whether a new lead is suitable for your business or not can save you substantial amounts of time. This is because leads can often have huge amounts of time dedicated to them before you identify that you aren’t a good fit to work together. 

Utilise Social Media

Social media is often tarred with a negative brush when it comes to business. B2B companies must utilise social media effectively in order to put themselves in the best position to present themselves professionally to prospects and increase their chances of converting.

Linkedin is a vital tool to use in modern-day business. Linkedin now acts as the main networking tool for business professionals. Your business should assess how its competitors are behaving on Linkedin to try and present your business in a manner which is unique to your competition. The more information you can assess from your competitors’ Linkedin behaviours, the more likely you are to implement a campaign which is successful as you can develop upon your rivals campaigns weaknesses.

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Differentiate Your Business

Standing out from the crowd in business is incredibly difficult but essential, particularly in today’s modern world where the majority of industries are over-saturated. In B2B sales, differentiation is a crucial component of a successful campaign. Obviously, it’s very difficult to differentiate your business for too long. Naturally, competitors will try to replicate your unique offering before too long. This is why consistently evolving your product/service offering throughout the year is so important to B2B sales.

During proposals or sales presentations it’s vital that your business focuses on the unique elements of your offering as a form of differentiation between your business and the various other firms who will undoubtedly also be pitching to this firm. Failing to stand out from the crowd is very likely to damage your chances of being selected as the most appropriate company to partner with. Within your proposal/pitch, it is vital that you personalise each proposal to directly target each issue which the prospect is currently facing.

Personalised Proposals

Getting in front of the right people but struggling to close deals? Devoting more time to your proposals and pitches can help you increase your conversion rate dramatically. Personalising your value proposition is likely to make your business stand out from the crowd, and result in a more productive conversation. By presenting yourself in a knowledgeable position you are far more likely to convert deals by looking like you have an understanding of the potential client’s industry.

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Qualifying Lead Process

Ensuring your company has a seamless process for qualifying leads will help your company substantially with regards to running a successful campaign. Low-quality leads should not be a cause for concern for any business, but if they arent quickly assessed to be low quality this is an area for concern. Time should not be wasted on leads who don’t have a suitable budget or aren’t big enough for your business to partner with. By dedicating time to establishing some critical questions which should be asked in order to determine the suitability of a lead will help save substantial amounts of time trying to arrange meetings with these pointless prospects. 

Focus On The Decision Maker

One hugely important aspect of a B2B sales campaign is the point of contact you have for the prospect. It’s vital that you take the necessary steps to speak to the key decision-maker as quickly as possible otherwise it is very likely that your potential deal will fall through as a result of a lack of directness with the client. You should place emphasis on speaking with the decision-maker as quickly as possible and you certainly shouldn’t arrange any meetings without the companies decision-maker being present. Failing to do this can result in you wasting significant amounts of time communicating with people who do not have the purchasing power to make key decisions.

B2B Sales Techniques Have Changed

Like so many things in the world of business, the B2B sales process has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. It used to be far easier to make B2B sales than it is today. In the past, if a person required the services of another business they would reach out to a potential supplier whose salesperson would then pitch them the best options to choose from. If the buyer was happy with what they heard this would result in a purchase.

Really easy stuff, wasn’t it? Marketing teams would ensure that people were reaching out to businesses for their product/service then salespeople would have the role of closing these deals. However, think about the steps you undertake now when you realise you want to use a product or service.

  1. You identify the need.
  2. You conduct an information search online.
  3. You will research online the prices being offered by various different companies in no longer than a couple of minutes.
  4. You will discuss options with friends/colleagues and also assess strangers reviews on the internet through social media and review platforms.
  5. While you are browsing online you may click on ads from companies you had not previously heard of and wouldn’t have searched for yourself.
  6. After you have assessed all the information you have gathered you will make a decision on which company you are going to go with and you will reach out to them.

This process is now replicated within B2B sales. This is a massive change from the B2B sales process from days gone by. As a result, businesses have had to adapt to cater to this change within the sales process.

For example, many businesses now offer a ‘Quick Quote’ feature on their website which is designed to cater to people who are conducting information searches online trying to assess all the alternatives out there. This involves very little contact between the prospect and your business. You simply provide a quick estimate to the potential client of your prices and if the client likes the price range you have provided they will contact you at a later date in order to arrange further meetings.

The B2B sales process has changed so drastically that companies have had to adapt their entire process to cater to the process that potential new clients undertake. There is obviously a range of positives and negatives from the updated modern process. But it has undoubtedly made B2B selling much harder. Potential clients being able to assess your competitor’s services at the click of a button and determine if they are offering a better value proposition than you are has provided the customer with much more power than previously.

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Modern Day Sceptics

It could easily be argued that marketing is now easier than ever as a result of online platforms, however, the widespread use of social media and the internet has resulted in another problem for marketers, marketing sceptics. The vast majority of people are tired of generic ads. People are now exposed to more ads on a daily basis than ever. As a result, people have become bored of typical, boring adverts and expect companies to make more of an effort with their marketing strategies.

New B2B Marketing Strategies

This also applies to B2B marketing techniques. Business decision makers will be the same as the general public, tired of seeing the same old advertisements. It’s vital that your business uses unique techniques to reach out to these individuals to commence the B2B sales process. Otherwise your business can easily be left behind your competitors.

B2B Sales Marketing Techniques

The vast majority of businesses will utilise the same B2B marketing strategies, therefore it’s more important than ever that you ensure your business does something different if you are using the mainstream methods. This is where utilising the services of a lead generation agency can make a massive difference. Agencies will provide you with a professional and experienced team who will have a unique pitching style which will help increase the amount of B2B sales leads your company is receiving.

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Non Scripted Style

Our professional and experienced team at The Lead Generation Company don’t use scripts. Our team has a free flowing, professional and informative conversation with prospects on behalf of your business and increases the number of appointments set for your company. This provides your business with more opportunities to convert leads into sales and increase your profitability.


B2B sales acts as a foundation for so many businesses. If you are experiencing a downturn in the quantity of B2B sales opportunities your business is receiving it’s vital you take on board the issues we have discussed throughout this article. Standing out from the crowd while ensuring you have a strong lead qualifying process can be hugely influential with regards to your business running a successful campaign. 

The B2B sales process has changed over time and it is vital for companies to take this on board. Failure to appreciate the changes within society can see businesses fall behind their competitors. By utilising the services of a lead generation agency you will ensure that your business increases its B2B sales and stays ahead of its competition.

The Lead Generation Company

By following the tips we have mentioned in this blog, you will be ready for changes in the environment that can affect your business. To learn more about B2B lead generation support – get in touch. 

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