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3 Ways to Better B2B Data

The most important part of any marketing strategy is reaching out to potential clients. A common method of gathering a database for potential clients, is to buy a database list. However, in order to end up with a reliable and useful B2B database list, it is important that you take the following guidelines into account when selecting a database provider:

1. Data Standard

Every B2B database list that you use needs to have essential information about the potential clients. Each company has their own standards for B2B database and if your company does not have these, you should ensure that they set new guidelines. This information usually includes the following:

  • Title
  • First and Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Street Address
  • City, Postal Code
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website URL
  • Number of Employees
  • Turnover
  • SIC Code / Market Sector

Always check that the B2B database you buy has all of the necessary information your company needs. Ask in advance what the format of the data is (normally an Excel or .CSV file). The data needs to work for you!

2. Chose a Credible B2B Database Provider

Never buy B2B database lists from an unknown provider. Make sure that the provider has a good reputation. Opting for a cheap list to save money can be hazardous and more expensive for your business in the long run, since the data may be either bogus or not the right target audience for your company. The cheaper the data the poorer it will be. Also, there are high chances of details changing on the list. In this case, a credible B2B database provider will ensure that their data is adjusted accordingly – this can’t be said for a cheap vendor.

3. Data Quality Checks

With a B2B database list, your chances of effective lead follow-ups are going to be increased if you check that the data is valid and accurate. Doing regular data quality checks and ensuring you keep it up to date is essential. Data goes out of date quickly so allocate time every month to keep it up to date. If someone leaves the business on your list, find out who the replacement is and also find out where the original person moved to. Then you have two excellent entries!

The above tips are helpful if you want to find a suitable vendor for your B2B database and maintain an efficient data list. However, you should avoid relying solely on lists like this. Instead, you should mix it with the data you generate from your website, landing pages and social media – this will help you to build a strong and efficient B2B database. Contact The Lead Generation Company today.

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