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4 Ways to Get Sales from Emails!

When skimming through an email inbox, most people tend to open and read emails only when they are relevant or recognisable to them. If you are a marketing specialist, your duty is to make sure that the emails you send to potential customers are read and not ignored, deleted or sent to the spam inbox! Your correspondence must stand out from the rest in a way that it is noticed by the potential clients. This is a crucial part of effective lead generation.

We can help you with the perfect lead follow-up techniques. Make your emails stand out by following the simple suggestions given below:

1. Take Your Time with the Subject Line

Most people won’t open an email if they think it is spam. Equally, they are less likely to open an email if they do not recognise the sender. In order to make sure that your email is opened, you must be creative with your subject line. If you draw the reader’s attention, whether it be through mentioning the last time you spoke, or the product that you discussed, then they will be more likely to open up the email and respond.

2. Be Polite, Concise and Efficient

When following up a lead, you should always be polite. Try to make the follow up email personal if you can. For example, if the lead has previously mentioned anything personal, such as a holiday, then asking them about it is a great idea. It shows that you paid attention the last time you spoke and it helps to build a relationship between you both, which encourages business.

As well as being friendly, you should ensure that you sound professional, and that the main focus of your email is business related. You should try to be concise and only use relevant information to ensure that your email isn’t too long – it can be off putting if an email is too wordy. Always follow business email etiquette, using the correct term to address the client and to sign off with.

3. Avoid Scripted Emails

Nothing says spam louder than a scripted email! They are very easy to recognise and are quickly dismissed. Scripted emails often put people off from becoming potential customers, as they feel false. On the other hand, a more personalised and relevant email is the best way for lead follow-up success.

4. Persistence is Key

Although it is important that you don’t become too pushy, this doesn’t mean that you should stop trying after one email. If your first follow-up email is unsuccessful, try a different approach. You could use a different subject title, change the content of the message or simply request the lead to phone you back.

By following the above advice, you should increase your chances of successful follow ups! Remember, you should be both phoning AND emailing to follow up leads with potential business.

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