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B2B telemarketing firms have one thing on their mind: improving sales of the products or services they have. They need to have qualified sales leads in order to be able to sell those products and services – it is very important that they are able to overcome any objections thrown their way. It all depends on the approach of the representative and the kind of product or service they are selling.

  1. Handling Cost Objections

There are many reasons why your product or service may be rejected. In B2B telemarketing, perhaps the most common objections to the products or services can be the price point. Often, the potential customer might feel that the product is too expensive and that it will not add enough value to their business to be a viable purchase.

In order to overcome this, your lead generation company representatives must be able to convey the top benefits in terms of cost savings and value provision to the target customer! Relate the benefits of the products or services to the savings of costs in day to day business or helps them increase their revenues. Don’t think too much about how it will go and just give it your best shot…

  1. Beating Your Competition

Sometimes, it’s more than just the costs that get in the way of your sales. Your qualified sales lead may have a similar offering already in place for them and it may be working out for them. As a representative in a B2B telemarketing firm, you don’t have to let that bring you down. Sometimes you need to prove why you’re better than the competition that’s out there.

Potential customers might be using one of your competitor’s brands already, so do your homework first. As long as it’s the truth, tell them just how your product is of better value to them. A free trial can also be a great way to get leads and prospects on board!

  1. Making your point heard

Often, leads are wrapped up in their own lives and are not interested in hearing new information or considering new options. For this reason, it’s necessary that the team working to share this information, sell products and build customer relations are capable in keeping these potential customers focused.

So, the best way to tackle this problem is to make your point heard! Go into the new conversation knowing exactly what you want to get out of it, and be armed with useful facts and figures that will help you to support the case you’re arguing. That way, when faced with a difficult lead, you’ll be able to turn it round and grab their attention.

That’s what businesses like the Lead Generation Company are experts at doing. They work well as they are experienced and understand how to work the conversation so that the results are in your company’s favour. Check out our advice on using clean data in telemarketing, too.


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Follow the tips we have mentioned here and you are sure to see your sales soar. To learn more about B2B lead generation support – get in touch.

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