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What can you do when it doesn’t go right?

A failed sales deal is something that telemarketers have to deal with considerably often. They’re certainly not very fun – after spending time nurturing a lead in the hope of successful results, it can be disappointing when they fall through in the end. While this might sound like a situation to be avoided at all costs, the reality is that every sales deal, successful or not, has a lesson to be taken from it.

Losing a potential lead isn’t a problem; it should be looked upon as a learning curve to help you improve on work with future leads. Often, representatives are unable to take lessons from an unsuccessful sales deal because they only see the failure in it. We’ve put together a list of some of the lessons that you can take in from a failed sales deal:

1. Learn Where You Went Wrong

Learning where you went wrong is the right modus operandi after a sales call doesn’t go your way. Assessing the call once it’s over can help you to pinpoint the areas that went wrong. With an idea of certain areas that you need to focus on, you’ll be able to work on these points in future to secure deals that you come across.

2. Ask For Feedback

If you don’t do your best in an attempt to secure a sales presentation or a fix up a meeting, then you should look to more experienced colleagues for advice on different techniques. Where appropriate, you can make the most of the client’s advice by asking them exactly what influenced their decision – the whole process should be done without being defensive and with a will to learn!

3. Outline the Positives

Outlining the positives from a failed sales call is just as important as remembering the negatives from a successful deal. The positives will reassure you of your skills and help to highlight your positive points. Even just getting past a gatekeeper is a positive, so remember to keep your head high, learn from any slip-ups and celebrate the positives.

4. Jump Into the Next Lead

Often, sales reps take unsuccessful pitches badly and it can affect their mood and outlook on the job. It’s important to remain positive and brush off failures, taking into account any feedback you have for improvement. If you remain dedicated, your failures will help to spur you on, as you learn from them and improve!


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