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Some businesses refrain from going to an external telemarketing agency for their marketing campaign. However, there are huge benefits to outsourcing work and therefore lightening your workload – enabling you to focus on your own priorities at work!

There is no right or wrong when it comes to managing telemarketing by yourself or outsourcing it to an external agency, but regardless of where telemarketing is managed, professionalism should not be compromised.

Three main elements need to be covered while providing training to your sales team. These elements that should focused on are:

1. The Prospective Audience:

It is always good to have your telemarketers trained on the prospects (i.e. who they are targeting). They should know the dynamics of the audience and who the decision maker is within the audience. With strong knowledge of the targeted audience, your telemarketing team can do a brilliant job in generating leads and closing sales.

2. The Market:

Besides the audience, your team should know about the drivers running the market. They should be up to date with the preferences of the target market and what’s trending. Try giving them a briefing on the market, with special attention on how important it is to realize what’s going on around them in terms of other success stories and up-to-date news.

3. Techniques:

There are very subtle differences between bad telemarketing techniques and good marketing techniques. A telemarketer can be successfully trained on the best techniques which will help them to transition and gain experience.

For example, you should always be selective on what you share with the prospect: don’t overload them with information. Here is a list of things that your prospects might want to know on a call:


1. Why your company is unique – differentiate yourself from the competition.

2. Why there is a need for the prospect to see your sales people.

3. Why they should be finalizing the appointment / webex / call / transaction with you now, rather than some other time in the future.

4. How your product or service can solve any problems they are currently facing.

With a mix of authentic information and intensive training, your telemarketing team will generate promising leads for you and in turn, grow your business.

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