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Telemarketing is a very important part of any lead generation strategy. The best way to increase the results from a telemarketing campaign is to look over the team on hand. If you find flaws, you should focus on repairing them immediately and find a solution, before any more time or money is wasted.

Every manager wants to see their team exceeding expectations. What should you be looking out for? Here are a few characteristics that can be expected from a telemarketing team outperforming themselves:

1. The Ability to Listen, Observe and Learn

When humans are at work, there are bound to be mistakes made along the way. Rather than focusing on the mistakes that are made, how your team manages those mistakes is what really matters. Your team should have the ability to listen, observe, and learn. It is always appreciated if a team learns new methods from observation their own efforts.

2. They Have a Clear Understanding of the Brand Being Promoted

One of the most prominent signs of a team performing well is that they have a very clear understanding of exactly what they are promoting. A team that does not understand the product or service being offered will be unable to pitch convincingly. Understanding the product also shows that they believe in the product and the solution it offers, as well as showing that they have an understanding of the competitive advantage that the business has.

3. They Are Able To Turn Negatives into Positives

The team should be able to justify weaknesses related to any area of the product, such as price or features. Most clients have reservations on some level or other, often on price. This is why the team should know exactly why the product or service has been priced as it has. If they are able to talk clients round after they show some doubt – you’ve got a great team on your hands!

4. They are Consistent

It is good to know that your team is meeting their monthly targets, but it is even better to know that they have been doing it consistently and that they will keep the hard work up. This consistency should always be rewarded, to keep the team motivated into continuing with it. A team that remains consistent generates far more leads as they are more dedicated towards what they are doing.

Your team has an important role to play in your telemarketing campaign. If you have a team exceeding expectations, then you can be assured of a brilliant telemarketing campaign. Keep up the hard work!


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