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Structure Your Day When Working From Home

Having a productive work-life balance when working from home is all about structure. Keeping your day organised enables you to effectively visualise the rest of your week, determining the direction of your business during this time, making planning for the upturn easier. Our blog outlines key tips to help anyone benefit from adding structure into their day.


Working from home means no long commutes, giving us extra time. Using this time for an extra hour in bed may seem like a good idea, however, we would suggest otherwise. Commuting allows your body time to wake up and get ready for the day, this shouldn’t stop because your office is in the next room. Establish a routine, wake up at least an hour before the start of your workday, grab a coffee, do some exercise, get dressed in your workwear and set up your desk to start your day as you always would. By doing this you align your mindset to being productive – lead the way for your sales team, close that B2B sale, qualify that lead, reconnect with your customers. 


Organise Your Workspace

Dedicate a specific workspace to act as your office, this will heighten your focus. Working in a secluded work area will allow you to provide higher quality interactions by limiting interruptions. Keep your workspace tidy. By treating your workspace like your office desk – keeping your notes organised and tidy – you allow your day to be more organised. Afterall a tidy desk helps a tidy mind.

Create a Tasklist

Create a task list to let you organise your day, allowing yourself to visualise what you wish to achieve by close of play. Following a checklist throughout the day will enable you to look back on your day and review how productive you have been. Your task list will also strengthen communication between your teams, ensuring no time is wasted.

Check-in Times

As a team of B2B telemarketing and lead generation experts structure and check-in times are a cornerstone of our organisation. In a time where direct communication between team members and clients has been hindered, the importance of check-ins has become imperative. Daily video conferences with your team will provide updates which will allow your business development efforts to move forward. Holding check-ins with your B2B clients is also crucial to instil confidence. In uncertain times you have to be transparent with, update your clients on where you can assist them in the current circumstances, enlighten them on your plans for the future along with your current state of play etc. 


Just like in the office, time away from the screen is needed. By taking a break from your screen you give your eyes a rest. Go for a short walk – stretch your legs, have a drink – stay hydrated, this will keep your mind and body awake. Your mind will become more receptive by taking 5-minute breaks throughout the day (not too many though). When you feel you have hit a wall take a short break and when you return you will be ready to refocus and achieve your appointment setting goals.


Working from home is new to many of us but it is all about finding what helps you stay productive. By following these simple steps each working day you will become more structured, enhancing your productivity, resulting in stronger results. Working in an organised manner, outlining tasks and increasing communication will create a clearer vision, giving a positive outlook on your business’s path during this time. Working in this way will also maintain your clients’ confidence and ensure their loyalty. 

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