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Supporting your B2B Sales Teams

Life as we know it has been temporarily altered, meaning we need to adapt in order to move forward. Keeping busy and supporting others improves our mental well-being and as a business leader, it is important to maintain the mental well-being of your B2B Sales team.

Supporting each other

The time to come together is now, even if that is ironically from a distance. Offering support to your community has a positive effect on yourself and those you help as you begin to make a positive difference, however small it may be. Assisting others during a crisis also helps your state of mind by keeping you from focusing on negative elements. Strengthen your B2B teams remotely by starting assistance projects – encourage your employees to help their neighbours by doing shopping, collecting medicines etc.

Maintain morale by staying connected throughout this time. Schedule check-ins for updates regarding work-tasks but be sure to schedule check-ins aside from work. Our Telemarketing Business Development Consultants and Sales and Marketing teams have the following:

  • 3 video call check-ins each day (first thing, lunchtime then close of play)
  • Friday evening social chats to keep each other going – sharing some insights and anecdotes from the week gone by  
  • Friday evening drinks, last week we enjoyed a fancy dress video call and tonight is quiz night.



Demonstrating leadership throughout this crisis is crucial, your team are looking to you for guidance. Be transparent and honest, showing trust within your teams, meanwhile enhancing their confidence. This transparency will also allow your employees to feel like you are all in this together, encouraging them to double their effort to achieve their targets and keep your business moving. 


Recent developments have led to alterations in how businesses operate. These alterations, however, present other opportunities. Now could be the time to enhance your B2B teams’ training. Enrol your teams in business development courses, strengthening their knowledge and skills, meaning they are ready to go when normality returns. For example, traditional Field Sales operatives may benefit from learning the skills required for Telemarketing, helping them sell from a distance. This will keep your teams busy and their minds focussed. Investing in your employees will demonstrate to them you care. It will also help you stay one step ahead of your market competition. 


Keep your community motivated and enabled by enhancing your communications, acknowledging, supporting and encouraging each other daily. Supporting others improves your own mindset and by inspiring your team to help their community you will see numerous benefits.

Exhibiting transparency and trust shows your team you are working towards a future together and you believe in them to get you there. This will help your team remain positive and visualise a clear path coming out of this crisis. 

Increasing training during these times keeps your teams focussed and gives them the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills giving a mutual investment for the future. This will keep the mindset of your B2B teams’ aligned and positive, helping them concentrate.


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