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There is an obvious contrast between hunter and farmer sales, but which works better in our present climate? Farmers devote their effort to maintaining connections that already occur, whereas Hunters are proactive and pursue new possibilities. While we prefer B2B Telemarketing, the basics of sales and company growth apply to all sales situations. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss both sales styles and whether your sales team should be hunters or farmers.

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Hunters, like a lion chasing a gazelle, are dedicated, driven, and persistent. A Hunter sales team is a fast worker who is always looking for new business possibilities. Using a hunter sales strategy may be advantageous in a variety of ways. Hunter salespeople approach prospective transactions with enthusiasm and tenacity, helping them to manage many leads in a short period of time. Hunters don’t allow pressure to get the best of them, and they think on their feet to seal the deal. However, there are some drawbacks to these benefits. Hunters may often clinch low-quality transactions because they work quickly and take risks; the number above quality is generally the objective for those with this attitude. Hunters might find it difficult to develop relationships with their prospects when they are moving rapidly and focusing on their next new business opportunity, which can make the ultimate closure more difficult.



Farmer salespeople strive hard to keep their present customer relationships alive. This is advantageous because it fosters the development of strong, long-term connections, which leads to loyalty. When it comes to outcomes, a farmer sales team have shown to be more patient, working persistently and precisely to satisfy their clients’ needs. Farmers that operate more methodically are less prone to make errors and are more likely to develop quality transactions over quantity. Working with a Farmer Sales approach can come with its own set of challenges. Farmers get familiar and tend to follow the same approach, pitch, and routine in their new business strategy as they create relationships with their present clientele. Farmers are frequently agitated by danger and rarely manage pressure better than Hunters, which may cause them to avoid the more proactive aspects of business development. This method of selling is successful with current customers; however, farmers are known to operate at a slower pace, which means that effective outcomes can take time.

Should You Be A Hunter or Farmer?

Both forms of sales team have advantages and disadvantages, therefore a company must explore using both types of salespeople when developing a successful business growth strategy. Hunters’ determination and skill to establish new business can contribute to increasing commercial prospects, frequently by stealing market share from competitors. Meanwhile, Farmer’s ability to cultivate and grow customer connections can result in bigger deals, greater lifetime value, and more loyalty. We strive to promote the benefits of both methods throughout our B2B Telemarketing teams. Personality types naturally connect people’s talents with a certain style, and we make every effort to match these strengths to the most appropriate campaigns and clientele.


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