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LinkedIn Lead Generation

Time to reconsider the way you use LinkedIn. LinkedIn has grown into a valuable blogging site and lead generation tool for advertisers and salespeople without some of us ever knowing. By spending a short time sharing your experience and strategic direction, LinkedIn lead generation can be a fairly easy operation.

The aim of social media is not to sell; it is to launch discussions and gradually create relationships. Hopefully, purchases or referrals would produce more of those partnerships. But you don’t draw buyers when you begin making sales pitches on LinkedIn. You only bother individuals.

  • There are now 500 million business professionals on their network
  • 100 million of those users are active daily
  • 40 million users are in decision-making roles

That’s 40 million potential clients that are in a position to make market and purchasing decisions on the LinkedIn network. This leaves no doubt that if a smart approach is employed, there is a wide community that offers the potential to create new revenue from the LinkedIn network. This proves why LinkedIn is without doubt an essential place to be generating leads and creating a presence.

linkedin lead generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation: Connecting and Reconnecting

Firstly assist. Start communicating with your present and former contacts, concentrate on relationships where there is still confidence. It’s quick to perform a LinkedIn search to locate friends you’ve lost contact with. Then reach out to them and in some way provide help. 

Search them up via LinkedIn after you get a new business card from someone you know and send an invitation to connect with them. You may import your friends from Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! if you’re just getting started as a LinkedIn user. AOL, or.

Encourage people you’re related to on other social networks to connect to your LinkedIn profile, too. Then, discover ways through the networks of other people to connect and create leads.

LinkedIn sends you a “Someone has viewed your profile” email every time your profile gets a visitor. Most people end up ignoring such notifications.

It is likely that they have taken some interest in your products or services when someone views your LinkedIn profile. It is advantageous that you use the email notification to contact them directly. 

Additionally, in the “Profile” drop-down menu of your LinkedIn profile, you can also use the category “who viewed your profile.” This can help you engage with more prospective clients and in turn, grow your company.

linkedin lead generation

Join Relevant Groups for LinkedIn Lead Generation

Groups will make your personal brand extremely strong. To locate practitioners within your company and in the industry in particular, use Advanced Search. You will learn a lot about the business through these communities by tapping into the conversations. You can discover new problem areas around the industry and learn about possibilities for addressing those specific problems. By watching from afar, finding out more about your business will give you true, daily insight into how you can support and interact.

Produce Informative Posts In Groups

Find out the group’s guidelines first. If they permit content sharing, by sharing appropriate content that suits the relevance of the group, begin developing your reputation in the group. This information contains related blog entries, links to papers you have posted, posts that cite you, and webinar event notes. Make sure to remain open to the group’s structure and don’t try to overshadow anyone and control the discussion. A valuable asset should be your resources, not a promotional pitch for you.

It will help position you on such issues as an authority figure and reinforce your status as a business opinion leader. This in fact, will assist with your lead generation for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Lead Generation: Contribute To Discussions Of Your Expertise 

A lot of members of LinkedIn use the group pages as a place of discussion of other user’s questions.  Every day, take time to respond to a couple or share a few discussions of your own. Answer questions that are applicable to your experience or that is interesting to you. 

If you find a question, you can react well by writing a thorough, quality response from someone you want to do business with who is relatively senior in an organisation. You never know who reads the data. This is a good way to plant the seed before a discussion.

linkedin lead generation

Create A LinkedIn Group Of Your Own

Being the creator of the group, you can make the decision of whether you want to offer it to only people you know on LinkedIn or to a much wider audience depending on your preference.  The aim is to engage the group and use the leadership in your thinking to make a difference for your community members.  By being the creator of the group it also will help to build your reputation if people can see it is related to you.   

LinkedIn provides tips for consultants to develop their company using the channel, show fields of knowledge, and optimise their network.

Not only can publishing business perspectives or observations, personal stories or interviews help to spread knowledge, which is a vital step for lead generation, but it will also help to develop yourself as an expert in the industry.

Use A Warm Outreach for LinkedIn Lead Generation

An interaction obtained via LinkedIn will be much more welcomed than a cold call because it comes with a little confidence. You’re not the outsider trying to advertise anything; you come with a personal suggestion that the user has a link to or you share a mutual affiliation of a professional association. 

Sending a direct message via LinkedIn is more beneficial than a cold email even if you don’t have an affiliation because LinkedIn is a business setting. When you are searching for a new client you can look at their profile, explore their desires and decide whether you have anything of similar interest so you can introduce a personal touch before potentially having a phone call with them.

Connecting with people before approaching them is important. It provides something in common with the person we’re going to target. This makes a major difference from a social perspective.87 percent of B2B customers had a favourable opinion of a salesperson connecting with their network, as opposed to 4 percent when the customer was not connected.

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Make Sure Your Profile Is Professional And Engaging

Spend allocated time refining your profile and making it perfect if you haven’t already, to make sure it’s obvious what you do and what your strengths are. Place the headline and overview in focus. This needs to be convincing. Your LinkedIn profile page is peoples first port o’call when looking you up to see what you do so it must be captivating and give a detailed insight into who you are professionally in the business world. Users can potentially be put off or discouraged by a profile that is not up to standards as it shows a lack of quality and professionalism. Research has found that because of this one action alone, people who fill out their profile entirely are forty times more likely to receive incoming inquiries. Post articles, create presentations for slide-share, and create white papers or e-books so that you give people an incentive to connect with you.

LinkedIn Lead Generation: Reach Out To Former Clients

With no discomfort and without the initial awkward stage, you can watch what your former clients have been doing since you worked with them. When contacting a former client and you can make a constructive statement on what they have been doing instead of you having to produce an introductory you-orientated message because the initial interaction would have been done before. This gives you the opportunity to ask about their new projects with enquiries and  look for means of helping and to do business again.

Utilise Advanced Search Filters

Being able to use Advanced Filters in a search is one of the best benefits of getting a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account. You can not only search by company and relation, but you can also search by feature, place, seniority rank, and group size with Premium advanced search on LinkedIn. Mix it with messages (aka InMail), and you can now directly approach targets without a reference.

LinkedIn Lead Generation: Browse Individuals Profile

By browsing through an individual’s profile you can find out what your possible future client is posting.  Using this method you can find out what they are interested in and what events they plan on attending. you can also see prior work history which will give you an insight into potential interest sectors. By putting in the time to look over someone’s profile you will find out more about them, giving you the best possible chance of creating a personal message if you decide they could be a potential client and you want to reach out to them.  This feature allows you to be more deliberate and to get more clues as to how you could actually help.

linkedin lead generation

Utilise Advertising Options

For your current network, having an interacting presence is advantageous. When it comes to drawing new audiences into it, it’s just as critical as well. 

And if you want to expand visibility and scope, one of the most successful ways to create a steady new source of high-quality ties and leads is through supported content. Supported content is incredibly powerful because it publishes the notifications to selected audiences who are not guests or followers already identified.

In contrast to other platforms, LinkedIn provides incredibly precise and comprehensive targeting choices, which makes it a great method. The users who can see your posts can be laser-targeted. Instead of a wide portion of users who may or may not be involved in what you have to say, this means that the posts reach your desired target demographic.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Do Not Ignore Optimisation in LinkedIn Lead Generation

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not limited to Google. In reality, to customise your LinkedIn profile and company website, you can use the same concepts. 

Why does it matter? 

It makes sure that when someone looks for goods or services relevant to you on and off LinkedIn, your name or your brand appears. This in fact, makes it highly useful for lead generation on LinkedIn.

The first step is to define the keywords that you need to rate with your profile. This includes an interpretation of search questions and words that are likely to be encountered by the target audience. Just like SEO, to target more precise leads, you can also customise your profile for long-tail keywords.

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It would take a time investment to incorporate these tips into your everyday life, but it is easy to enter a discussion for a few minutes per day and check in with different classes. LinkedIn is still changing continuously, so keep up to date with the latest posts. Since it begins to evolve, individuals can discover innovative and smarter ways to do it. You’re going to want to be there, eager to dig in and produce leads.

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