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Every year, marketers cite lead generation as their top goal. (It’s also their most difficult task.) One of the key responsibilities we are assessed upon is filling the sales funnel with high-quality opportunities that deliver. However, in a changing corporate climate, the foundations of successful lead generation are evolving. A large number of B2B marketers believe LinkedIn is a good place to get leads. It is the most widely used social media network for B2B marketing, both organic and paid. As a result, battle for interest and brand awareness may be strong, thus gaining an advantage might be crucial.

Why LinkedIn Has Become A Popular Place For Lead Generation

Onsite events, such as conferences, press conferences, and other professional meetings, have long been seen to be the most effective way to provide effective B2B marketing. Circumstances have evolved now that we all had to adjust because of COVID-19, and face to face events were no longer an option for many businesses. Budgets for marketing are increasingly being allocated to social media and other digital platforms.

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Why Use LinkedIn For Leads Over Other Social Platforms?

High quality leads: Many decision makers use LinkedIn compared to other social media sites; up to a fifth of all LinkedIn users have buying power at their companies. Furthermore, LinkedIn provides more precise B2B targeting, resulting in less squandered money and time.

It’s got more leads: LinkedIn boasts 690 million members, with over half of them logging in regularly. According to a HubSpot research, LinkedIn’s visitor-to-lead conversion rate was 2.74 percent, putting it approximately three times more successful than its nearest competitors, Facebook and Twitter.

It’s better value: High conversion rates extend over to sponsored advertisements as well, with LinkedIn ads performing at 6.1 percent, more than double the rate of equivalent Google ads, according to another HubSpot research. The cost per click on LinkedIn is greater, but the conversion rate makes it a far superior option for B2B marketers, as seen by the figures.

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How To Generate LinkedIn Leads

LinkedIn is a one-of-a-kind lead generation platform. LinkedIn may benefit from a social media lead generation plan, but to obtain the best results, you must consider LinkedIn’s specific characteristics. The following pointers concentrate on LinkedIn’s distinct qualities and capabilities as a lead generating tool and social media marketing platform.

Most Useful And Captivating Content

LinkedIn is where professionals go to get the most up-to-date information and perspectives on their field. You have a following, but nothing will lose their attention quicker than coming across as excessively salesy or constantly pushing promotions. Your viewers will return for more if you provide useful material that shares actual thoughts and information. Because not everyone responds to the same sorts of content or media, vary your content and media by including polls, videos, lengthier published pieces, and brief daily postings on a range of themes that appeal to your target audience’s passions and worries.

Utilise LinkedIn Leads Generation Forms

LinkedIn allows you to include a call to action to your paid advertising, which is a fantastic tool. You can connect a registration form to your advertisements using a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form that auto-populates with the lead’s LinkedIn contact details. Lead Gen Forms were created with mobile app users in mind, so they don’t have to enter in a wealth of details simply to join up for a newsletter, download an ebook, or whatever the CTA is. A lead will have to put in more effort and click the instructions in your ad and complete a form on your website before their contact information details are recorded if you don’t have a Lead Gen Form, making lead gen forms a really useful tool.

Improve Your Funnel For LinkedIn Leads

A successful sales funnel entices prospects to convert by addressing their inquiries and satisfying their requirements at each stage of the buying process. At least, that’s the goal, but figuring out when and how to connect your leads may be difficult. Every tier of your funnel may be published, tested, and refined on LinkedIn. The peak of the funnel is social marketing material, paid advertising posts are a fantastic delivery mechanism for mid-funnel information, and those crucial undersides of the funnel pitches may be delivered through sponsored messaging or communicative ads—which LinkedIn allows you to tailor. When developing this material, the goal is to make use of LinkedIn’s distinct features as a network.

Matched Audience Feature

B2B marketers may use LinkedIn’s features to assist them narrow down the leads they wish to contact. The Matched Audiences function is among the most effective of these features, allowing you to retarget past website visitors, target certain corporations or decision-maker profiles, or target a network of clients that you upload. The account focusing option is ideal for account-based marketing strategies since it enables you to select which businesses you want to target and only display advertisements to profiles that fit specific professional demographic characteristics. This enables you to narrow in on the accounts with the most buying power.

CRM Integration

For lead generation and qualifying, data is essential. Integrating LinkedIn to your CRM and any automated lead grading system may help you fine-tune and personalise your sales pipeline. The majority of popular CRMs allow for two connections. For starters, they can offer data to LinkedIn. For instance, depending on contact categories currently in your CRM, you might create a LinkedIn audience to target. The nicest feature is that it updates constantly, so you don’t have to keep uploading fresh CSVs. Furthermore, they may get information from LinkedIn and use it to automate the ability to add new leads to the CRM.

Create Conversational Ads

Conversion Advertisements enable you to build ads that are sent as direct messages from one LinkedIn member to another, and LinkedIn users may communicate with one another via the platform’s InMail function. These communications may include customised content, CTA links, and Lead Gen Forms, making them an excellent method to contact a potential consumer if done correctly. Conversational ads are more engaging as they create a reply in a conversational manner. They normally result in a higher conversion rate and a lower cost-per-lead at the same time but the downfall is they are usually only available on desktop devices.

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How LinkedIn Leads Advertising and Outreach Can Improve Your Leads

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site that provides a number of services to its members. Professionals may connect with others on a worldwide scale using LinkedIn. You may improve the overall success of your campaign by using LinkedIn as a marketing tool. Incorporating LinkedIn into your B2B marketing strategy may benefit your telemarketing efforts in a variety of ways, including increasing your brand’s exposure among target demographics and establishing B2B connections.

Presence On LinkedIn

Your company’s LinkedIn page, as well as your workers’ LinkedIn accounts, should reflect your company’s personality and successfully represent its industry position. There are several strategies to successfully position your brand in the market. By being active and producing material that displays your brand’s expert knowledge of issues such as the industry, market, and services, you can showcase your brand’s expert understanding of these areas. This portrays your brand as competent and informed, which eventually aids the success of your B2B telemarketing campaign by encouraging qualified appointment setting.

To build a strong LinkedIn profile that can assist your B2B telemarketing, your company must engage with others. This may entail joining industry-related organizations or participating with content shared by others through likes, comments, and other means. These interactions demonstrate that your brand is alive and well, aiding in brand image and campaign success.

Networking For LinkedIn Leads

A LinkedIn campaign’s goal is to stimulate curiosity, which will lead to appointment scheduling and excellent B2B lead generation. You may swiftly capture the attention of decision-makers with LinkedIn’s unique targeting choices. LinkedIn provides various ways to raise brand recognition among your target demographic, in addition to carefully focused ads. While the goal of your B2B telemarketing campaign is to contact important decision-makers, we recommend that you utilise LinkedIn to engage with colleagues in your industry/sector. By doing so, you establish trust since your new connection will research your brand, perhaps investigating shared connections, and create a fuller image of your profile throughout the initial discussion.

Reaching Out

LinkedIn provides a wealth of opportunities for companies to connect with their target audience and communicate with key decision-makers. This social network enables advertisers to target ads based on job titles, industries, company size, education level, location, and other factors. After you’ve identified your target demographic, LinkedIn allows you to take it a step further by generating lookalike audiences. This establishes a goal of locating new users who are most similar to your main converting audiences; generally, this is a major component in B2B lead generation success.

LinkedIn Leads

Our LinkedIn Leads Outreach

On your behalf, we find the most relevant decision-makers, warming them to becoming qualified sales leads. This then leads to a selection of valuable interactions, from face to face appointments, phone calls, online demos, event registrations etc. LinkedIn Lead Generation is a great way to build your audience with highly relevant prospects. We can help you achieve a 40% higher connection rate and start promoting yourself to the 700+ Million active LinkedIn users!

Our Outreach Approach

  • Find – Using Navigator we select the personas matching your target market.
  • Connect – Using a unique approach we invite prospects to connect with you.
  • Warm Up – Once connected we send the prospect customised content.
  • Convert – We then convert the prospect to an appointment/lead for you.

Our LinkedIn Leads Advertising

As part of your campaign, we create captivating articles and posts, showcased on LinkedIn via Sponsored Content, Promotional Advertising and Remarketing. B2B marketing and B2B lead generation are essential in generating new sales revenue and building a healthy evolving pipeline. Specifically targeting your chosen Business Professionals, LinkedIn is the premier platform to make this happen. Did you know that more than 50% of all social referral traffic to B2B websites comes from LinkedIn and 91%* of marketers stated that LinkedIn is the best place to find quality content? With over 700 million users, you need to be on LinkedIn to find, interact with and start getting new customers. We will lead the way.

Our Advertising Approach

  • Sponsored Content – Using great content such as white papers we will target your target audience.
  • LinkedIn Adverts – Great adverts targeting specific job titles, company size, region and sector(s).
  • Retargeting – Adverts that follow your target audience to maximise enquiries and brand awareness.


LinkedIn is an extremely useful tool for generating leads through advertising and outreach. Your brand must be visible in order to use LinkedIn. This social media platform gives your company a lot of chances to make connections and create relationships, which will help your B2B telemarketing campaign by promoting appointment setup. Warming up your prospects on LinkedIn before calling them for your B2B telemarketing campaign increases brand recognition and impressions, resulting in a higher response to your B2B telemarketing campaign. As a result, your campaign’s outcomes will improve.

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