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How to build rapport with your telemarketing target

We all know the score – it’s been a long day and you are below target, the next call could be the one that swings in your favour.  It can be difficult to continue to sound enthusiastic however it will often be the difference between a close and a missed opportunity.  Rapport building is one of the key ‘soft skills’ in B2B Telemarketing. it can be hard to build rapport in short calls with your target market, however if you master the skill the benefits are exponential.  In this blog we explore the tried and tested ways to build rapport during your telemarketing activity.

Open the call in an upbeat manner

When the lead answers ensure that you respond to their greeting in an upbeat manner, within the first 5 seconds of the call, use the leads’ name – this gets their attention and shows that you have done your research and know them by name.  An upbeat tone can differentiate you from the competition and instantly warm the lead.

Ask open questions

Use open questioning techniques and give them the opportunity to discuss their needs and requirements instead of just launching straight into a sales pitch – this gives you the opportunity to tailor your pitch accordingly and ensure that what you say hits the nail on the head for them. If you only give the prospect the opportunity to answer yes or no they are less likely to warm up to you and you won’t be able to demonstrate that your solution is what they need, making that elusive close all that much harder to achieve.


Active listening is a key tool in business to business telemarketing – as you listen to what your prospect is saying jot down notes and repeat back to them in a manner which shows that you have been paying attention.  Utilise what they say to inform the conversation. For example, ‘that’s interesting, that your last healthcare supplier was expensive, I’m sure that we could beat the price that you were paying’

Watch your posture

It sounds silly doesn’t it?  Your prospect can’t see you so why do you need to sit up straight? Simple really, have you ever had a call with someone who was lying down?  Their voice, tone and approach are all radically different than if they were sitting up. The same thing applies, if you sit tall and talk with authority your lead will notice the difference!

Mirror them

We aren’t saying that you need to repeat back parrot fashion what the prospect says, but subtle mirroring techniques in B2B telemarketing pays dividends.  Subtly use their language in your responses – be careful with this one – too much and it can feel contrived and false.

Throw away the script

Scripts sound, well scripted!  Using structured conversations delivers far better results.  Trust in your skills to know when to go off piste slightly to get the lead on track.  At The Lead Generation Company, our Lead Generators have an average age of 35 and our experienced, multi award winning team are highly trained in every campaign to ensure that they hit the right level of knowledge and professionalism without relying on scripts.

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