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How to achieve cut through in telemarketing

We all know the score – telemarketing calls are often viewed as intrusive and there’s a common misconception that it is purely a numbers game: make enough calls and you’ll be guaranteed a percentage of leads.

In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth; quality business to business (B2B) telemarketing that gets a high number of leads or sales results from highly targeted efforts and structured conversations that bring true value to the prospect.

If your numbers are down it’s likely because you are reducing your leads into just that – numbers – instead of seeing them for what they really are: people. In order to achieve cut through you need to offer your leads (people) a connection and something of value. This is easily stated, but how do we actually put this into action?

Make sure you have done your research

Often, B2B telemarketing is perceived as picking up the phone and dealing with whoever you get on the other end of the line. However, if you want to achieve cut through you need to be doing your research before you pick up the phone.

You should know as much about their business as possible, what stage their business is in, and how what you offer not only meets their requirements but solves their problems. Don’t forget to research the person you actually intend to talk to – with social media you have no excuse not to look someone up to find out more about them.

Start the Call as You Mean to Go On

Do what you can to speak directly to your lead (avoid and bypass gatekeepers whenever possible) and when you get them on the line greet them by name. Be personable and flexible, and structure the call based on how the prospect reacts to your openers. If you’ve done your research (as advised above), make sure you don’t jump in with personal information too soon and make them feel uncomfortable.

Ask Open Questions

Don’t talk at your prospect. They’re busy and if you give them a chance to switch off and think about something else, they will. Instead, steer the conversation in the direction you want by asking open questions and give them every opportunity to talk. This ensures there is a natural flow to the conversation that will result in the back-and-forth required for you to outline how your solution matches their requirements and leads them to see how it will solve their pain points. A seamless, natural conversation will make them comfortable, relaxed, and open to the conversation.

Use Structured Conversations Instead of Rigid Scripts

While scripts in some form have their place, it shouldn’t be the only tool in your belt. Sticking too closely to a script means you can’t adjust to the flow of the call and will continue down the wrong path if you get off on the wrong foot. Sticking to a script is often obvious to the prospect, as people often rush through sentences, sound bland, and struggle to sound truly knowledgeable about their subject. Reading from a script often leads the prospect to switch off and ultimately end the call.

Instead, Personalise

Instead of jumping on the phone with a standard script, spend some time thinking about how you will personalise the call, and once you are on the phone ensure your tone and speaking speed matches theirs. Watch for any cues the lead gives you that can help you continue the conversation in the right direction and remember that every call is different. If you personalise your approach you’ll have the best chance of securing the sale.

Leave it to the Experts

If you are concerned about achieving the most with each call, or if you have limited time to secure new leads or sales, why don’t you try outsourcing the problem to the experts? Here at the Lead Generation Company, we have a team of highly skilled B2B telemarketers available to get you the best results from your lead generation efforts. With an average age of 35, we have the necessary life experience to talk to our leads with experience and authority. We steer away from scripts and instead use structured conversations to get the best possible results for our clients.

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