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6 Hot Tips: What Makes A B2B Lead Generation Form Appealing?

An attention-grabbing form on your website is a great step to effective lead generation. It is not easy to design the perfect form that will be attractive to prospects signing up for your business content. Your forms should be customised in relation to your target audience. Given below are 6 ways in which you can make your forms captivating in order to grab attention for effective lead generation:

1. A Low Number Of Fields

Instead of adding lots of fields on the form, go for fewer fields. Three to five fields, in general, are more than enough. This stops the client from losing interest and not completing the form. If you want to be precise about the data, then consider dividing the forms into several parts instead of fitting it all on one page. Breaking it up into smaller sections makes it seem easier to complete.

2. Privacy Matters

Lost of people are not willing to give out their personal information online, and this is one of the major reasons that people don’t sign up for information, even when they are genuinely interested in the product. To rectify that problem, we advise you to add a link to your privacy policy somewhere on the form. You must emphasize that their data is safe with you and they do not need to worry about privacy.

3. A Strong Call To Action Button

Having a strong call to action, or ‘sign up’ button is essential. Make sure that your sign up button is inviting and positive. For example, you could use ‘submit’ if you want to come across as formal. On the other hand, you could use ‘Go’, ‘Click here’, ‘Register’ and even ‘Send’. Making the button more prominent by using bright colours and enlarging its size are also recommended.

4. To CAPTCHA Or Not

The CAPTCHA page can irritate users, particularly if the CAPTCHA is hard to identify. In this case, you can actually lose users from having a hard to read CAPTCHA. In order to avoid this happening, make sure that the CAPTCHA is interesting and easy to read, or that is not there at all. You could set it so that it only appears if there is any suspicious activity, such as multiple attempts to sign up from the same IP address.

5. A Visible Form Is A Better Option

Make sure that you have put the form in the most visible spot on the page. According to various surveys, the most attention-grabbing spot lies on the upper right corner of the form since people are more likely to look at that spot first. Inserting links to the form on your website can be useful too, as it encourages people to go to the form from other places on the page.

6. An Effective Design

To make your form effective for B2B lead generation, make sure that you pay attention to the rest of the page as well. Instead of filling the whole page with the form, you should have information about what the prospect will be getting by filling the form, to encourage them to continue.

Using these techniques will help to ensure that you end up with an effective form, encouraging your prospects to register and become paying customers.

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