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B2B Digital Marketing Channels 2023

Looking to enhance your business’s online presence in 2023? There are a litany of ways to do so. In fact, for some businesses, it probably seems like there’s too many B2B digital marketing channels. Where on Earth should you start? Well… the internet, probably. Start there. But then what? In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at some of the B2B digital marketing channels your business should be utilising in 2023 and beyond.

B2B Digital Marketing: Email Nurture Sequences

It feels like we’re bringing up email marketing every other week– and for good reason! It’s one of the most effective ways to generate interest in your business, and warm up those leads over time. Make sure you have a strategy, though, and you’re not just sending any old content to everyone whenever you feel like it. As digital marketing channels go, it most certainly requires trial and error, but you’ll achieve success far more rapidly if you stick to the following steps:

  • Make sure you’re getting your data from a legitimate source. Getting email addresses via a sketchy source will not only make it far less likely that you’re going to garner interest, but you could also be skirting the law in the process. That’s just one of the reasons why so many businesses outsource their lead generation to a company that does data right
  • Remember: content is key. When you’re sending a marketing email, don’t treat it like an immediate sales pitch, because (spoilers) no one’s going to care. Offer your audience something of actual value. An article, an eBook, a case study- anything that you think they might actually want to read. That’s the best way to nurture a lead. 
  • Don’t overwhelm your audience. Sending more than, say, an email per week will do little more than annoy, and any vague interest someone had in your company will be swiftly snuffed out.b2b digital marketing

B2B Digital Marketing Via Social Media: LinkedIn 

Email marketing is a long term, and often less personal channel. If you’re keen to reach out to an individual, rather than what may feel like not much more than an email address, consider LinkedIn. When you send a prospect a connection request via LinkedIn, you can also include a brief message. Make that message count! Be aware that the person you’re reaching out to probably gets numerous messages of the same nature every single day. 

Obviously there’s no surefire method for getting your requests accepted, but if you’re coming across as an actual human and you’re not immediately pitching your product or service, you should be in with a fair chance. Once a connection request has been accepted, the character limit for your messages will be far less restrictive. At that point, you can start to discern whether the prospect could actually benefit from your product or service.

Combining email marketing with LinkedIn marketing is a great way to nurture your leads- it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Like many kinds of B2B digital marketing channels, email and LinkedIn go hand in hand. 

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B2B Digital Marketing via Google: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

One of the hallmarks of building your online presence, a solid search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy can take you all the way to the top of Google, and other search engine, rankings. But… it’s a process, and the rules are ever-changing. 

So, first thing’s first: do you know what people would be Googling if they were looking for your products or services? By honing in on the right keywords (and there are a plethora of tools that can help you with that), you’ll have an idea of the sort of content you should be posting in order to climb those rankings. 

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Marketing Via Video

Video has long been one of the best ways to garner engagement from your audience, and that’s the case for almost any digital marketing channel. Wherever you’re publishing video content, whether it’s on your website, on social media, or via email, chances tend to be higher that your audience will actually care. 

This is especially true for videos posted on social media, which are a powerful means of engaging with potential and current customers, as well as for marketing your products or services. 

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Content Marketing: Writing Blogs

This goes hand in hand with SEO. When you’re researching which keywords you should be targeting, you should be getting a good idea of the kind of content that gets clicks. Have a look at the blogs of your competitors, and ask yourself: why are they writing what they’re writing? 

If you’re confident that you have a wealth of industry knowledge and insights, you might be tempted to just start writing what you know without much of a strategy. But, first, you should be putting some thought into who you’re actually targeting with these blogs. Are you targeting people who are Googling your keywords because they’d benefit from your services? Maybe people who are already following your company on social media, so they’ll see your articles there? Or people in your industry who might be looking for advice? 

It could be any, none, or all of those examples, but you’re not going to know until you start building your personas. Writing and publishing quality content is one thing, but if no one’s going to read it, the benefits are far more limited. 


Building your business’s online presence takes time. Would you like a hand with that? 

On top of our first class B2B telemarketing service, we also offer a wide range of B2B digital marketing services, including email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), copywriting, and much, much more. Head to our website to get in touch.