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Conversion FunnelThe contemporary business environment has been moving with so much vigor that staying part of the competition has now become a matter of life and death for the businesses. If you are running a business, you have to learn all the rules of this competition and adapt to it no matter. You need to have a hawk’s eye view on what factors are driving the market and where the game is heading and also perform a check and balance on the way you execute your business strategy. Adapting your business to the market trends through consistent, progressive and innovative alteration in the prevalent strategies and meanwhile checking out on gathering the right kind of leads and turning them into customers; this is the only way to stay a part of the competition and thrive for excellence. Here in this blog, we discuss what might be wrong with conversion levels of your sales funnel that’s repelling your leads from getting into your clientele.

Expecting ‘Microwave’ Conversions

While you might think that everything might be going ‘instant’, sales process definitely is not!  Expecting your prospects to readily turn into clients, graduating through the attention, interest, desire to final action within a blink of an eye can only be termed as one wishful thought. Sales, in reality, is a painstaking process and requires patience and consistency at all levels before you finally get the deal closed.

Not Evaluating Conversion Levels

You tend to find that businesses focus more on their ultimate closing proportions and overlook one important element; the evaluation at each conversion level. Each conversion level loses a number of prospects and leads and only a small ratio of the initial count makes it successfully to the bottom of the funnel, the sale close. It is important that you evaluate how much loss in terms of leads you are bearing at each step of the funnel; this is a requisite to analyse and improvise the efficiency and productivity at each level and maximise the conversion rate.

Inappropriate Lead Management

Focusing on lead generation and mishandling on the successfully generated pool of leads; this is one fatal error that most organization are doing today. It is important to note that effective lead management is more important than generating leads in first place. A smaller number of leads managed well would yield more returns than a large pool that’s gone adrift.

Not Cashing Out on ‘Buying Mode’

At the bottom of the sales funnel when attention is finally turning into action, the buying mode of leads is turned on and you could definitely cash those extra bucks out of your leads pocket by offering an upsell or cross-sell. Most businesses only suffice on the deal that getting closed and overlook on the additional profits that could be reaped in that specific spur of the moment.

Wrong Assumptions about Leads

At the initial levels of the sales funnel, if a lead doesn’t show interest or attention, assuming that he would not make it to the next level of the funnel is an absolutely wrong idea. The sales funnel is a linear ph but leads do not necessarily follow it. While some may make it gradually to the bottom and then back off, some others may just stick to level one and would eventually make it to the final action without much ado. All you need to focus on is nurturing your leads, for you never know what might just turn into your customer.

Effective sales funnel management is important to draw the maximum proportion from the top level to the bottom line. It may require an extra load of work to review and evaluate your sales funnel, but the result, this troubleshoot and improvisation will reap would be much more worth than the efforts put in. A strong, vital and up to date sales funnel is one essential tool that forms the basis of your business strategy and without it, all your efforts and resources may turn disastrous and doomed.

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