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5 Tips to Kick-start your 2020


How has the year started for you and your business? Are you on track, ahead of forecast, or does it feel like things are still to ignite since the turn of the year? Here are The Lead Generation Company’s tips to make sure you smash your B2B sales targets and achieve your #2020vision

Analyse 2019

Begin by analysing your business decisions from the previous year, your 2019 goals and strategies. Reviewing these will highlight what decisions were successful, which goals weren’t quite achieved and which strategies require improvement. Analysing your business’ previous year will enable you to envision which direction to take in 2020. Look at performance objectively, and whenever possible base your decisions on data and analysis. Maybe 2019’s results have made 2020 your year for B2B lead generation?


With a candid review of the year gone by, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to set your 2020 objectives. It’s crucial you know where you want your business to be by the end of the year. Setting SMART goals allows you to ensure your goals are realistic and achievable. Be ambitious and realistic with your goals and objectives. Focus on what matters most, and prioritise only activities that add value to your organisation. Don’t forget to make them visible to your teams/collaborators, to ensure everyone is aligned and focussed on success.


As we all know failing to plan is planning to fail. Now that you have defined your SMART goals you must determine a detailed strategy of how to reach them. Outline a 12-month pla– splitting this quarterly for analysis – outlining: objectives, projects, timings, marketing (such as lead generation, B2B telemarketing, appointment setting, digital marketing etc), budgets, resources (such as employees, stakeholders etc) and more. Segmenting into quarters will align your activity with other markets and economic factors. Schedule time for regular reviews, this will preserve your focus and prevent slippage in productivity. Adjust and adapt the plan in response to your findings, encourage co-ownership where possible to secure buy-in from your team and stakeholders.


Examining 2019, establishing your 2020 goals and planning your strategy will have highlighted the value of your current resource pool, along with any gapor deficiencies. From here, compile a list of elements which impact your business, who are the key players and assets when it comes to delivering on all of your goals: employees, stakeholders, freelancers, data pool etc. Make sure you have the right resources on board or identify how you will acquire them.


Establish Best-practices

After building your 2020 plan/strategy, ensure your team are:

  • Equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to contribute and deliver this strategy
  • Enhanced with valuable training programmes, and a committed approach to professional development
  • Evolving through learning and developing new skills, knowledge and techniques that will give them a competitive edge in the B2B marketplace



In competitive B2B marketplaces, it’s essential that a robust approach to sales and B2B marketing is implemented across your organisation. Whilst this cannot be delivered overnight, committing to the approach can and should be achieved. A focussed, informed and structured approach is essential in order to have a prosperous 2020 in terms of generating more leads and developing new business. If you’d like to discuss any of the items in this piece, feel free to get in touch to discuss your lead generation options. 

The Lead Generation Company

Follow the tips we have mentioned here and you are sure to see your sales soar. To learn more about B2B lead generation support – get in touch.

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