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5 Tips for B2B Appointment Setting

By November 18, 2015May 31st, 2023No Comments4 min read

Appointment setting skills are essential for anyone involved in Sales and Marketing. For many people working in the sales industry, calling a complete stranger and striking up a conversation with them is a daunting task, but it does not have to be. By using the following simple, easy tips, you can improve your appointment setting skills, and get more business and customers for your company.

Tip No. 1: Be prepared!

The secret to successful appointment setting is preparation. Before making a call to a prospect, you need to know what you are going to say to convince them to meet up. Check them out on LinkedIn – do you have anything or indeed anyone in common? Do they send out interesting Tweets or Blogs that you can comment on? Tailor your call to their needs. Remember it’s about THEM, not YOU!

Prepare a short, 15-20 second introduction of your offering. Don’t forget to tell them how the product or service can benefit them. And then start asking OPEN questions. Tailor your pitch and convince your prospective client that your product or service can benefit them. Quantify this wherever possible.

Tip No.2: How to ask for the appointment

Another thing you should decide before making a telemarketing call to your prospective client is the exact date and time for your expected meeting with them. Don’t be too rigid or you’ll end up hearing a “no” from your prospect.  Always present your client with different times so that they can choose the one that best suits their schedule.

Be assumptive, and ask open questions. Some examples, which depend on how your initial telephone conversation is progressing:

  • “How’s your diary looking next week?”
  • “I’d be keen to show you how this can be of benefit face to face…when are you free?”
  • “What’s is your availability like over the next couple of weeks?”
  • “How might I get the opportunity to get a slot in your diary?”
  • “How does next week work for you?”

DO NOT say, “Can I come and see you?” Remember you are selling something that will benefit them so be confident!

Tip No. 3: Be Assertive NOT Aggressive

Appointment setting is all about determination and consistency. Often your prospects will say that they are interested in your offerings but cannot meet because of their busy schedules. For such clients, always have a follow-up strategy in place. Ask them when you can call them back or what’s the best way to move things forward. This way, you can build your reputation as a serious business person and influence them to get an appointment scheduled.

Tip No. 4: Prepare for the Meeting

Prepare all the documents and information you need the night before the appointment. Make sure that everything is organised. Don’t leave any task for the last minute. Also, determine exactly what you are going to say when you will meet your prospective client – how will you present your product or highlight the benefits of your service etc.

Have a list of questions (either on paper or in your head). You want the meeting to be a conversation NOT you talking all the time. Remember, you have two ears and one mouth – so listen more and talk less. Engage your prospect, get them talking and tailor your pitch as you go to their needs!

Tip No. 5: To Confirm or Not to Confirm?

It’s a judgment call at the end of the day! If you call or email to confirm then does this make it easier for them to cancel? If they do cancel then how serious are they etc? Our advice is if you’ve set the meeting a week in advance then there is no need to re-confirm. If it’s between a week and two weeks since the appointment was set then send an assumptive email stating that you are looking forward to seeing them.

  • Say: “As discussed, I’m looking forward to seeing you on [date], [time], [location]
  • DO NOT say: “Are you still ok to meet?” – don’t give someone the opportunity to cancel!

Also, remember that emergencies can happen with anyone. Therefore, if a client cancels an appointment at the last minute, don’t get discouraged. Pleasantly accept their apology and ask them when (not if) they will be able to meet some time later.

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Using these 5 simple tips, you can improve your B2B appointment setting skills. To learn more about B2B appointment setting skills, contact The Lead Generation Company.

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