5 Hot Tips to Ace Your Telemarketing Game

Telemarketing should be celebrated and embraced – it’s a great way to get new business! You are only one call a way from your next new customer. Follow our 5 hot tips and start reaping the benefits of this proven method of new business generation.


Your First Impressionfirst impression

The way in which you say hello and introduce yourself decides the fate and pace of your calls. You should try to sound casual yet professional, and not like a recorded tape or operator. Do not use a script but have a structure to your call. Keep a lively and energetic tone during your call and focus on grabbing the prospect’s attention and building rapport.

Stay Positive

Whereas it is inevitable you will face rejection – you need to accept that this is part of the job. Do not take it personally. Move on and the next person could be the one who says yes! Get yourself into a rhythm and do not over analyse things before you pick up the phone. If you get a rejection then get straight on the phone again, do not let it bother you and stay positive – you are brilliant!

Aim to Bypass the Gatekeeper

gatekeepersA gatekeeper is the intermediary person and can be considered a hindrance. But they are your ally not your foe.  Since it is inevitable, you can’t simply ‘dodge them’ and get straight to the key decision maker. You can extract a lot of relevant information from the gatekeeper about the organization and then you will be in a better position to decide whether or not your product or service would be of any use to them. Similarly, you can also request that the gatekeeper fixes a call appointment, so that you could pitch your offer directly to the decision maker. Get them onside.

Welcome Objections

How you handle queries or objections can be a make or break for your call. This is the real test of the strength and competency of a sales person. Do not lose your cool even if the prospect gets angry or rude. It is advisable that you do your homework before the call and make a list of all objections that might possibly be raised by the customer. This way you would know exactly what to say in response and satisfy the customer.

Signing Off and Follow Upfollow-up-1080x675

Whether the call has been effective or ineffective, make it a point to end all your calls on good terms. If it is positive then make it clear what the follow-up actions are and then follow these up very quick. Leads go cold quick. If it is a negative then be respectful and positive. The person could remember you later and come back when they are in a position to move forward.

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