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3 Steps on how to get the gatekeeper on your side

In order to make sales, appointments and leads, you need to get past the gatekeeper. In most cases, the gatekeeper is a receptionist, assistant or an executive administrator. In  telemarketing, the gatekeeper can be a great help, and so it is  very important to have them on your side. However, how can you  win them over and make that all-important connection or  appointment?

1. Do your research

As a lead generation company, we know how important it is to do your research so before calling, make sure that you’ve done yours and that you know what the aim of your call is. Telemarketing can be hugely successful if  you have prepared for your call in advance. Have an idea of the key information that you need to get across, and of the main points that you should know, in case the gatekeeper asks you any difficult questions. If you don’t know the answer to their question, it is fine to tell them that you can look into it and get back to them, but make sure that you are confident in your ability to do so.

2. Focus on your tone

Your tone of voice is very important when making sales calls.   The old saying ‘smile before you dial’ may be a bit cheesy but the sentiment is correct. Be positive, be up beat and be yourself – relax – you are great at what you do! Avoid long pauses and hesitation, as this makes you seem uncertain. Make sure that  you come across as friendly and focused so that the gatekeeper  is confident in passing you through.

3. Be patient and persevere

When you finish speaking with the gatekeeper, you want it to feel positive. It is important that the call ends on a positive note, even if you did not get the end result that you were looking for. If the gatekeeper is not willing to pass you through, you could ask them politely if they are able to pass on a message for the person in question. Always remember to thank them for their time and to wish them  a nice day.

Remember, the gatekeeper is simply doing their job by  screening the people who phone in. If you follow the above  steps, you should increase your chances of getting the end result  that you want.

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