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All sales representatives understand the fact that not all calls go according to plan. There are bound to be certain issues with clients that can put you in a tight spot. Even the most senior sales representative can struggle when faced with an answer like ‘we are already working with another supplier whom we are happy with’.

But we’re here with a solution! We have pulled together a list of responses you can deliver to get yourself out of a tight spot and help turn their negative response into a positive:

1. Complement the Prospects on Their Decision

When faced with the response that ‘We are already working with your competitor’, it can be tempting to become defensive and list reasons why the client should go with them as opposed to their competitor. You should avoid pitching your product or service immediately. Instead, try complimenting them on their decision, and say that you’ve heard they have a good reputation (if that’s the case). Then go on to add that you would like to mention how exactly your product or service could add to what they are currently receiving. This strategy will help to promote your product, without sounding too pushy..

2. Know Your Competitors

For you to be able to handle an answer where the prospect is already in a commitment with your competitor, you should always have extensive knowledge on what your competitors offer and what exactly places your service as better value. If you know of a

service you can provide which sets you aside, this should be your focus. A confident and truthful knowledge of why someone should choose your offer over your competitor is all that you need.

3. Know Their Reservations

It can be a good idea to ask potential clients about any complaints or reservations


that they might have on the current service they are using. More often than not, prospects will let you know of any problems they are facing and how they would want the service to improve. This is your moment to pitch what you’re offering. If you can realistically provide what is not being provided by their current suppliers, then let them know. If all goes well, you will be able to convert them over to you in no time!


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