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Use B2B Telemarketing to Optimize Your Sales Funnel.

As more methods and tools are integrating with marketing practices, the sales funnel has also evolved to a great extent. The advent of digital marketing, and the behavioural shift towards mobile have greatly influenced the traditional business to business sales funnel.

Telemarketing can effectively be used to optimize and augment a sales funnel. There are many B2B telemarketing practices that can be put to use at different stages of the sales funnel. This will help to streamline the prospect journey from awareness to conversion.

Telemarketing Provides Insight

A marketing campaign can’t work to give required conversions without having the foundation of insight of its base. Developing an insight regarding a particular consumer base can only be possible through data cleansing, which is a prerequisite for every professional business to business telemarketing campaign.

In addition, telemarketing also enables you to conduct needful market research over the phone. Reaching out to a prospect pool in order to shortlist them for further activity becomes really handy with the help of B2B telemarketing campaigns.

The versatility of telemarketing also helps at many stages in optimizing your sales funnel. From initial contact to intricate compliance calls and transactional contacts, telemarketing can be used in various capacities to serve long or short-term objectives pertaining to a sales funnel.

Whether you want to set appointments with your prospects near the end of the funnel or planning on to conduct a promotional event for the newly acquired customers to make them aware about your products and services, you can use business to business telemarketing in many capacities to carry out a task that will augment the progress down the funnel.

Telemarketing is Flexible

Telemarketing can be used to maintain the workflow in the sales funnel because of its innate agility and flexibility. It is really easy to ramp up or slow down telemarketing activity. This flexibility allows you to maintain a steady lead flow through the funnel. Short spurts of telemarketing campaigns can also be used as makeshift solutions across the funnel e.g. for dealing with an unexpected torrent of inquiries.

Telemarketing is Personal

Whilst digital marketing has evolved from traditional mass marketing to one on one interactions it lacks the personal touch that telemarketing offers.  The ‘real person’ approach is highly effective and the DMA name telemarketing as the second most effective channel for conversion. A direct and real-time conversation can’t be achieved through any other channel.  

Telemarketing Provides Measurability

Telemarketing is direct, transparent and highly measurable so that campaign performance can be understood, refined and optimised to achieve the right goals and a good return on investment. Key performance indicators such as volume of calls, talk time, decision maker contact rate, lead stage, and conversion rates allow you to see what is working and what isn’t and make your sales process more efficient. The flexible aspect of telemarketing to scale up and down at speed, means that if a campaign is inefficient the spend can be turned down instantly and conversely if the  campaign is going exceptionally well the spend can be quickly ramped up.

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