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What Is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing often entails calling customers and potential consumers, but it can also entail sending emails or using the Internet. A telemarketing agency does not include direct mail or face-to-face encounters. Business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing are the two primary types of telemarketing. It’s a popular way to reach out to individuals to sell products or services, collect money for charity, gather data, create leads, and conduct surveys. With the advent of new technology, the phrase has expanded to encompass video conferencing conversations, which are most commonly used with current clients.

What Does A Telemarketing Agency Do?

A telemarketing agency is a group of phone-based sales representatives who works on behalf of your company as an integrated sales team to reach out to potential customers and generate sales and set appointments to then hand back over to the client. A telemarketing agency has a primary goal to sell products or services to ‘prospects’ using leads supplied by a company’s marketing department. Since a telemarketing agency rarely encounters their consumers face to face, having a good phone demeanour is essential, as is mastering the skill of persuading a consumer to invest in what you’re offering.

Telemarketing agencies are the lifeblood of the telemarketing industry since they are the primary source of sales and earnings for many businesses. Telemarketing has grown to be one of the most important sectors in many nations, employing millions of people. Being a telemarketer, on the other hand, is not for everyone. Telesales (telemarketing + sales) is a skill that requires patience, persuasion, and friendliness all at once.

Outbound sales are the most prevalent role of a telemarketing agency, in which the designated telemarketer makes sales calls to consumers or companies on a regular basis. Prospective customers’ phone numbers are supplied to the telemarketing agency. These phone numbers were either purchased from another organisation, obtained through a survey, or discovered in the phone directory.

B2B Sales Team

Benefits Of A Telemarketing Agency

Results At The Right Time

Sometimes all you need is a little nudge. It might be owing to the fact that inbound leads are sluggish at this moment. It’s possible that you’ve hired a new salesperson. Your existing lead generation team may be out due to illness or other reasons. You could have just lost a key customer or simply need to expand depending on finances or new goals. An outsourced agency can give the push you want swiftly and efficiently, regardless of the requirement.

Focused On Results

Telemarketers at agencies are often KPI-driven and results-oriented, with a certain number of calls and outcomes to produce per hour or day of activity. The pressure to produce outcomes is continual. While this may be true for many companies with internal workers, agencies live and die by their outcomes, which cannot be allowed to deteriorate. As a result, call rates and performance levels are higher than when people aren’t completely focused on the task and technologies don’t permit for call speed and efficiency.

Events Return On Investment

Events are costly. And you’re mostly there for one purpose: to create sales leads. However, one of the most common lead generation errors is neglecting to rapidly collect, process, and follow-up on leads generated at an event. That’s when a resource from the agency can come in handy. Send the leads to your agency as soon as possible, and they’ll call each one and identify them as immediate opportunities, medium-term interest, future interest, or no interest.

Professionally Skilled Telemarketing Agency

It may seem self-evident, but a telemarketing agency employs people who work in the field of telemarketing. They are taught how to open doors and how to generate possibilities for each campaign individually. They’re in charge of delivering results. Performance and output are constantly monitored to guarantee that consistent outcomes are achieved.

Designated Sales Team Members

This is usually a difficult task. Other hobbies and everyday tasks sometimes distract office workers. They barely devote their whole attention to the work at hand, which is lead generating. The urge to focus on other, possibly more fascinating, duties is constantly present. As a result, call rates drop, call-backs go unanswered, and the sales funnel shrinks. The emphasis is not permitted to stray with a dedicated external organisation.

telemarketing agency

Less Errors From A Telemarketing Agency

There is less waste when you have more freedom. The issue with lead creation is that it’s all about the return on investment. It’s critical to allocate resources accurately and efficiently both within and beyond the company. You can’t afford to waste valuable resources in this era of rising expenses and shrinking profits. Is having someone to discuss with next to you, though great, really what you need to stimulate demand? When you have an agency on your side, you can focus and execute precisely when you need it.

You Can Be Flexible

External manpower allows you to turn activities on and off, as well as scale up and down, based on development and business needs. There will obviously be times of high activity (important seasons, events, etc.) and times of low activity (e.g. Christmas or summer for perhaps manufacturing or education sectors). Using an external agency allows you the flexibility to adjust the degree of work to meet your needs rather than hiring full-time employees.

Gathering Of Information And Data

It’s possible that you’d like to maintain the lead generating and/or sales processes in-house. But what about the data you use to make phone calls? You won’t obtain the results you need until you have proper data, and your outbound telemarketing calls will flop. This is where a telemarketing agency may help. They may research, compile, and evaluate your data, as well as locate external data, to guarantee that your team is as efficient as possible, working with new data and the correct individuals who could be interested in your services. Finally, data accuracy increases as a result of data construction and validation, and better quality leads may be handed on to your sales staff.

Controlled Sales Pipeline

Yet again, the difficulty is the day job. Despite your best attempts, stuff gets in the way. Field personnel, in particular, become distracted by other tasks, and the pipeline of mid- to long-term leads is overlooked. Those crucial calls made at precisely the right time aren’t followed up on. And, if the present supplier’s contract is due for renewal at that time, a significant opportunity for new business may be missed. Call-backs rise to the top of the priority list for daily calls with strong systems and procedures, implying that the sales pipeline is continually worked for success.


We each have our own set of abilities and areas of expertise. You could have salespeople with a lot of experience. Your field force might be the greatest in the industry. In addition, your incoming call handling might be exceptional. But do you have the abilities to create and run a successful telemarketing campaign that gets you the outcomes you want? It’s a distinct ability. An agency does that all the time, from KPI formulation to meticulous telemarketing management to understanding which strings to pull to obtain the greatest results. Aside from talents, time is a valuable resource. Using an agency frees up top management to focus on other aspects of the company’s growth.

A Telemarketing Agency Works…

  • 68% of B2B sales were found to involve some form of human interaction such as telemarketing. Customers have been found to respond better to the human touch than to some other form such as digital marketing, according to LinkedIn.
  • Around 90% of marketing managers say telemarketing is effective, according to LinkedIn.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Telemarketing Agency?

What Do You Need From A Telemarketing Agency

You need an excellent and adequate sales strategy before you even start looking for a telemarketing business. Before you commence the choosing process, you must have a solid grasp of your major marketing goals and campaign needs. When you can establish a clear outline, you’ll be able to get the most out of your sales strategy while also assisting the telemarketing agency in understanding your needs and properly pitching their credentials. This will save you time when determining whether or not a firm can fulfil your demands, and it may even provide you with a more accurate price quotation.

Do They Cover The Strategy You Want

One of the most significant factors to evaluate when choosing an agency is if the agency specialises in B2B or B2C. This is due to the fact that marketing to companies differs significantly from marketing to consumers. Prospects will only desire to learn about a firm if they are given relevant and instructional material in the fast-paced twenty-first century. A badly performing telemarketing campaign is one that is unfocused or non-specific. 

If you’re a B2B company , on the other hand, a business that concentrates on  your clients’ needs better and be more qualified to speak about B2B products and services, which might be more sophisticated than B2C. Their representatives will also be better equipped to address more complex queries about your services and will have a better understanding of your pricing plan.


When it comes to telemarketing, you generally get what you pay for. Various price models might produce alternative outcomes A commission-based system, for instance, often generates a large number of leads, but a fixed fee system generates more targeted and high-quality leads. You can effectively budget for your campaign if you choose a telemarketing agency that has a defined price structure. This is something that a commission-based strategy makes it more difficult to regulate. Regardless of the cost structure, be sure you can easily evaluate the return on investment the telemarketer can deliver.

Appointment Setting

Our B2B Telemarketing Team

Are you looking for a telemarketing team that you can trust? Our dedicated in-house B2B telemarketing facility is driven to achieve pre-qualified sales leads for you.

You will be working with a skilled team of full-time outbound B2B telemarketers. Each individual has at least 11 years of B2B telemarketing experience. We are committed to generating high-quality results for you, maximising your Return on Investment. Active across almost all industries, we are able to generate qualified sales leads via face to face appointments, WebEx meetings, sales calls and event registrations.


Our Telemarketing Agency Approach


Using our tried and tested process of ‘getting up to speed’ on your business

Covering the following: What is the pitch; What objections might there be; How to overcome these objections; Open questions to ask

Lead Qualification Criteria

Working with you to identify the correct criteria required for your leads

We adhere to the BANT system for qualified leads: Budget, Authority, Need & Timescales.

Diary Management

Full diary management by sending prospects diary invites and monitoring diary acceptances

Managing your / your sales team’s speaking with.

CRM Integration

Using your own CRM Platform (or our own) we can use HubSpot, Salesforce or Excel spreadsheets to manage and monitor the campaign effectively.


We are 100% transparent across all areas of working with you. Reporting including full Statistics (number of calls, number of contacts) and Narrative (market feedback, objections, issues, reasons for people saying no)


Great sales leads start generating you new business very quickly.

Keep your campaign going to ensure you maximise your Return on Investment.


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