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Why You Should Outsource Your B2B Lead Generation Campaigns


Companies often don’t realise just how beneficial it can be to outsource their B2B telemarketing and lead generation. This is largely due to a number of misconceptions people tend to have about lead generation agencies, mainly that it would be cheaper and more effective to simply keep your telemarketing in-house. 

But there are a number of benefits to outsourcing your B2B telemarketing. The following blog will tell you all you need to know about why outsourcing is often your best option when it comes to generating leads for your business.

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Lead Generation Telemarketing: Increases Your Team’s Productivity 

By outsourcing your B2B telemarketing to a company whose entire focus is lead generation, like The Lead Generation Company, you’re relieving your in-house sales team by allowing them to focus on what they excel at. 

Enlisting an external company to take the lead(s) will result in increased productivity from your own team because they can focus all of their efforts on what they were actually trained to do. 

Increases Awareness of Your Brand

Outsourcing your B2B telemarketing also allows you to bridge the gap between the audience and your brand. By nature, the practice of telemarketing is about as personalised as marketing can get, considering it’s a one-on-one interaction. 

This is especially true for lead generation companies that avoid scripts and steer their conversations depending on the needs of the prospect and their business. It’s also one of the best ways to build up some credibility for your brand; an expert telemarketer will be well-versed in how to get a prospect fully on the side of your business. 

It’s worth bearing in mind that telemarketing is also very effective when complimenting a digital marketing campaign. It’s about calling new prospects, as well as prospects who have already shown an interest in your business by opening an email or providing you with their details.

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Avoids Burdening Inexperienced Staff

When it comes to your first foray into B2B telemarketing, it might be tempting to enlist one of your own employees to take the lead. But no amount of cost-saving would be worth the additional stress and pressure that these newfound expectations will undoubtedly bestow upon the said employee, especially if you’re not offering them anything in return for essentially doing a whole other job on top of the one they have.

And, as everyone will be well aware, cold calling can often be demoralizing for someone without experience. It’s not the kind of job you can just throw someone into and expect them to succeed at.

If you’re outsourcing to a team of professional B2B telemarketers, they won’t only be well-trained in generating quality leads, but they’ll likely have multiple years of experience under their belt, so you can trust them to succeed at growing your business. 

It’s also worth noting that, depending on the scale of your campaign, you may simply not have the numbers in-house to reach as many prospects as you’re hoping for. A lead generation agency will have more than enough telemarketers for a dedicated campaign that gets results. 

Outsourced Lead Generation Telemarketing Saves on Costs

It’s a common misconception that outsourcing your B2B telemarketing to a lead generation agency tends to be pricey. All the costs associated with hiring your own telemarketers would add up to far more than what you’d pay an external agency. If you remain in-house, you’ll have to pay and arrange training and mentoring, pay a salary, national insurance, pension, hardware, as well as telemarketing software. 

If you work out all the costs of keeping your telemarketing in-house, you’ll likely realise that going with an agency would be far more cost-effective. 

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Regular Updates

With some marketing strategies, namely website design, it can sometimes feel like your control over the campaign is limited. By outsourcing your B2B telemarketing to a lead generation company, you’ll receive regular reports on how many times your campaign has been called on, offering as much transparency as possible when it comes to how the campaign is performing. 

You’ll be able to see how many leads are generated on each day of the campaign, how many leads have been generated in total, as well as the quality of each of those leads.

With such consistent and transparent reports, it’ll be far easier for you to decide whether your campaign needs some adjustments or whether it’s meeting your expectations. When you’re outsourcing your B2B telemarketing, you have total control over the campaign.

Guaranteed Data

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to data, but a lead generation agency will be able to answer all of your questions. They’ll know where and how to source as much quality data as your campaign requires, and they’ll know exactly how to implement that data and turn it into leads.

The data sourced by the telemarketing agency will be personalised for your specific business and prospects. Here at The Lead Generation Company, the B2B data we gather has a 98% accuracy guarantee. We can also cleanse the data, or use your own data. Whatever will get you the best results, we deliver. 

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Outsourced telemarketing tends to mean you’ll have flexible pricing plans depending on the specific needs of your business. This is ideal for most businesses. For example, your campaign may only be required for a specific period of time, so you won’t want to sign a contract that lasts longer than you know would be necessary.

By entrusting your B2B telemarketing with an external lead generation agency like The Lead Generation Company, you’ll have the resource available to you only when you need it the most. 

And, if a campaign meets your expectations but draws to a close, you could always return to the agency for future campaigns. 

Lead Generation Telemarketing Benefits from the Best Technology

Any good telemarketing agency will be utilising the most effective technology for outbound marketing. This tech could be pricey if you’re keeping your telemarketing in-house, as it’s not only used for making calls to businesses, but also for the management of the campaign, reporting on the calls, monitoring calls, and records. 

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Can Be Complemented with Digital Marketing Campaigns 

Many lead generation agencies offer exclusively telemarketing, and that may be more than enough for your particular campaign. But an agency like The Lead Generation Company also offers digital marketing campaigns to complement your telemarketing. 

Our award-winning digital team can deliver bespoke solutions that ensure you reach your audience the first time. That means higher traffic, more engagement, and more conversions. We have a wide range of digital marketing services. These include email marketing, pay-per-click, LinkedIn InMails, social media ads, search engine optimization, and more. 

Office Environment 

Something companies often don’t consider until it’s too late is that not every office is the right environment for telemarketing. If your telemarketers are in-house and you’re using an office, it may make it difficult for everyone else in your office to concentrate on their own jobs. Similarly, your employees who are conducting the telemarketing will likely feel self-conscious making calls in front of the rest of your office. 

Depending on the size of your space, you’ll likely have meeting rooms that you can designate for calls. But this could quickly become untenable, especially if everyone else in your office is taking regular meetings as well. 

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Lead Generation Telemarketing: Conclusion 

Outsourcing your B2B telemarketing makes sense for most businesses. You’re essentially getting all of the benefits of quality lead generation, without any of the burdens that inevitably come with staying in-house, like the need to train staff, be aware of and keep up with industry standards, and buy and maintain specific equipment. 

By outsourcing your B2B telemarketing to an agency like The Lead Generation Company, you’re paying for a service that provides you with the highest quality leads. There’s not much more to it!