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How to handle objections in Telemarketing

Handling objections in business to business telemarketing is an essential skill that any successful B2B telemarketer needs to learn. One thing to bear in mind for all telemarketing activities is the close, as this creates a lasting impression on all contacts and is a way to leave the door open for future contact.

There are a variety of professional techniques that can be utilised in B2B telemarketing in order to stay ahead of the game when it comes to lead generation and some of these are highlighted below.


So what is the best way to turn objections around?

A number of notable objection handling techniques are discussed below:

1. Stay positive and don’t be shaken by objections

Newbie telemarketers will often find it difficult to field objections, in the mistaken belief they are a block to any successful sales call. In actuality, maintaining the most positive and relaxed approach and using agreed strategies to overcome objections can often result in successful outcomes.

2. Take all the time needed

Excellent listening skills and low pressure techniques are essential for telemarketers in the B2B sector. Treat each lead as a potential or existing client and this way you won’t feel the need to pressurise for immediate decisions. Take time to really listen and address all concerns and objections raised. Useful techniques include agreement and reflecting objections straight back to leads, and switching the objection around totally by speaking about comments made by existing clients.


3. Concrete examples

As noted, providing concrete examples of ways your solution helps existing clients can be an ideal objection handling solution. Provide as much detail as possible, including information about potential blocking points and ways these were overcome to create the positive final solution.

4. Agree and address

Don’t be reluctant to acknowledge issues raised by your lead. It’s quite easy to create a bond with leads when concerns are acknowledged. However, it’s important to follow through on this and specify exactly how your solution and approach will overcome these problems.

5. Never make assumptions

There is a saying that assuming makes an a** out of you and me – this holds true in any B2B lead generation telemarketing activity. Don’t assume that you fully understand the recipients requirements just because they are on your contact list. Ensure that you fully explore their requirements and highlight how your solution meets the requirements.

6. Effective closure

There really isn’t any such thing as the “perfect sales call”, so it’s important to work on closure techniques to ensure the best end to all calls. Effective summaries to close calls will always give a positive impression of the solution you’re offering, irrespective of whether a sale is concluded. This enables you to give your contact a lasting impression and always leaves the door open to further calls in the future.


Objection handling from the experts

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