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How to get the best out of your B2B lead generation company

It always feels like a big step when you choose a new B2B lead generation company; whether that be for the first time or switching to a new (and hopefully better) partner. You want to hit your lead generation targets and now you are handing the reins over to someone who can do it better than you can so you can focus on all the other things it takes to manage your business.

In order to have a successful relationship with your new lead generation partner, you need to have total trust in your partner that they are willing to go the distance to help your business succeed. They need to absorb all your brand values so your leads have calls that are on a level with the ones they would have if you were making the call yourself.

So how can you get the most from your lead generation partner and ensure your partnership succeeds?


Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Sharing Your Brand Values

Your brand values are more than just a set of keywords and buzzwords you can use to describe the way your brand conducts itself; your brand values are at the core of how your brand acts and makes decisions. Brand values come before the action, not after.

Don’t simply hold training sessions with your team, but instead enable them to fully understand and encompass the brand they are representing. They need to know all about your company values, aims, and the laws by which you do business.

Your team needs to know everything from the big picture right down to the details, such as your brand tone of voice and how they should communicate with customers to ensure this is replicated.


Provide Detailed and Accurate Data

This seems like a simple point to make, but small mistakes in the data of your leads can make the difference between a sale and a lost lead. Ensure the data you give your lead generation team clean data that is relevant, accurate, and up to date.

A great B2B lead generation company will take your data a step further – what media does your target customer consume? At what times? How can you integrate retargeting and prospecting digital marketing for maximum impact?

Develop personas for your ideal target customers to bring them to life for the people making the calls, so they can connect with leads easily on a deeper level.


Don’t Give Them a Script

Essentially, if you hand your lead generation partner a script to use, you lose the benefits of hiring a professional team. Scripts sound scripted, they are inflexible for the person who is actually on the other end of the call and confines your team to doing their job in just one way.

A great lead generation team knows exactly how to communicate on business to business marketing calls, and they have made hundreds of professional, structured conversations which convert much better than a robotic script.

Instead, your lead generation team should use open questions to get the prospect talking about themselves, their pain points, and tailor the pitch accordingly so the prospect essentially talks themselves into finding out more or making a purchase.


Integrate Your Marketing Efforts

We’ve mentioned this in previous blog posts before , but integrating your marketing efforts is crucial for success.  Email marketing is ranked as the number one channel for lead volume, while B2B telemarketing is ranked as number three for lead volume but number one for lead quality.  B2B telemarketing should be fed by your overall marketing effort. Leads who have been nurtured by content marketing are 74% more likely to convert into customers, so you need to think about the big picture to improve your ROI on B2B marketing.


Monitor Their Success

The only way to know if your efforts are working is if you track them. Ensure all key metrics are constantly tracked and reviewed so you can detect issues early and fix any problems that arise.

Some key performance indicators (KPIs) to track are:

  • Dials
  • DMC
  • Connection Rate
  • Leads Generated
  • Follow-Ups Agreed


Outsourcing your B2B telemarketing efforts means that you have access to a dedicated highly skilled team, real-time monitoring and reporting, and a consistent tone of voice that ensures your brand comes across correctly and as professionally as possible every time. If you follow the tips in this article, you’ll set your new partnership up for success.

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