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In order to turn the traffic on your website into real leads, you need to encourage your visitors to engage with your site. The most common and effective method to do this is to generate an attractive and useful call to action button or buttons. Without an appropriate CTA, sales or leads won’t be generated and the traffic on your page will be of little use.

Taking in to consideration the important role a good CTA plays in generating leads for a business, we have listed some effective ways to help you strategically design them effectively:

1. Place the CTA in the F-Zone

According to a famous study on eye tracking, people tend to scan the screen in a particular pattern. This pattern runs in an F-shape. The scrutiny of a web page will naturally start from the upper left corner and then it will move from left to right horizontally for at least two rows before scanning the content in a vertical stripe. It is advisable to add your CTA’s and interactive content in these portions to increase the chances of connecting your leads.

2. Creating a Visually Unique CTA

We know that it’s important to place a CTA in the line of the visitor’s vision, but you also need to ensure that the CTA is visually unique. A call to action that stands out from the rest of the web page in contrasting colours will catch the visitor’s attention quickly. You can also install sliding CTA’s which can increase the chances of engaging the visitor.

3. Mobile Friendly CTAs

Nowadays, the majority of people use their phones for searching online while they’re on the move. Therefore, to ensure success for any business, you must have a website that is mobile friendly. In whichever way you are planning to capture the leads, they all must easily be accessible to mobile users. An easier to tap CTA on the mobile phone can make all the difference when it comes to bringing business. Customise the buttons on your website at 44px by 44px size at least for your mobile website. Also, make sure there is sufficient space around the CTA so the prospects do not end up clicking something else.

The above advice should help you to make your calls to action more accessible to the potential clients visiting your page. Making the most of the F-Zone and having a stand-out and mobile friendly CTA should help you on your way to improving conversion rates. Once you come up with a creative CTA, you can get started with the above techniques for more effective lead generation.

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