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3 Ways You Can Sway The Gatekeeper

For outbound telemarketing campaigns, the gatekeeper can be the difference between huge success and huge failure. Gatekeepers tend to be personal secretaries or assistants whose job is to keep unsolicited marketing calls away from the executives and decision-makers. In many cases, an outbound marketing call can stop immediately because of a gatekeeper. 

However, there are ways to get around the obstacle of the gatekeeper and reach that person you actually want to talk to. Let’s have a look at different methods that can be put into use to dodge the gatekeepers.

1.  Respect is the key

Giving the gatekeeper the utmost respect is an absolute must. It can give you success in getting past them in each of your outbound calls. Unfortunately, many inexperienced telemarketers forget to implement this important lesson while making calls and they chat with the gatekeepers in a tone that gives the impression that they don’t consider them as THE important person to talk to. So, always talk to them with all the respect that they deserve. Treat others how you would like to be treated….

2.  Confidence commands authority

Keep in mind that experienced gatekeepers are really well versed in shutting down an unsolicited sales call, and they are able to shatter confidence of those telemarketers who are new to the game. So, in order to get an edge if their tone is intimidating, use the tool of confidence and composure. Showing your confidence over the phone is a challenging task. However, it is possible to attain the level of confidence needed to interact with the gatekeeper by putting these things into practice.

  • Regardless of the tone of the gatekeeper, always speak with an assertive and relaxed voice.
  • Don’t get nervous if you receive an angry outburst of the gatekeeper.
  • Remain courteous and positivethroughout the call. It will tell the gatekeeper that you areaconfident person who will not give up easily.

Confidence commands authority and compels the other person to listen to you. There are strong chances that a confident conversation with gatekeeper will end up in getting connected to the individual you actually want to talk to.

3.  Don’t go salesy on the gatekeeper

It’s a general human psyche that we find salesy undertones in conversation off-putting. So, don’t exhaust your sales efforts on the gatekeeper if they ask you why you have you called as it has the potential to turn into a counterproductive exercise. Of course, there’s a chance that they might listen to you until the end of your script, but, there are no chances that they will put you through to the person you actually want to give the sales pitch. So, be careful how forceful you are with the gatekeeper and be clear and succinct.

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