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3 Top Tips on How to Build Rapport on the Phone

By March 23, 2016November 29th, 2022No Comments3 min read

For most sales representatives, building rapport with clients is easier in person than on the phone. The reason behind this is quite simple. In face-to-face interaction between a salesperson and a client, the body language, appearance, and emotions of the salesperson facilitate transfer of the message and help the client understand the true intent behind it.

Remember 80% of communication is non-verbal!

However, during the calling process, a salesperson has to rely solely on their words, tone of voice and content of the message in order to establish rapport with the customer. Easier said than done…

In order to build rapport with the customer on the phone, a salesperson is required to use rapport building techniques that can help the potential customer understand and trust the salesperson. We are listing 3 rapport-building techniques here.

Rip Up the Script!

The first rule of building rapport with customers on the phone is to be natural. Using sales scripts will make you sound unnatural and limit your flexibility to use your own words. While scripts can help you maintain the flow of conversation, it is important to keep a sense of warmth in the conversation to make the prospect feel connected to you. So rip up the script and create a natural call structure to get you going. Make sure you talk less and ask more open questions – it’s about having a conversation NOT a monologue.

Share the Priorities and Problems of Your Prospect

Probably the best way to build rapport with your clients is to intently listen to their problems and provide them a solution. Ask open questions, listen and don’t interrupt. It is easier said than done but have open questions and tailor your pitch depending in the answer. You’ll be amazed at how positive this will be.

Pay Attention to Your Voice

While all sales activity really is hard work, it is important that you always sound enthusiastic to gain attention of your prospects. In order to sound energetic, begin by getting your body into a state that expresses the success that you anticipate. Sit up straight, smile, and make the call. Greet your customer in a pleasant manner and introduce yourself.

At this stage, it is important that you pay attention to the speaking style and pace of the customer and adapt your speaking style accordingly. For example, if your customer is communicating in a very formal tone, you may have to adjust your conversational style to stimulate their interest.

Remember that building rapport with the client takes time. Therefore, it is important that you don’t get disheartened with rejection and continue practicing these rapport building tips until you master them.

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