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Successful Telemarketing

Each of your lead generation and content based activities and interactions should be geared up for results. The majority of the results depend on the sales pitch that you or your employees put forth. It’s the determining factor, it’s that one home run that will win you the innings. In other words, it’s make or break.

So, here are the 4 pillars of an effective pitch that determine if the sales call will result with a lead…

1.   Procure the Deal on the First Call

While this is difficult, it’s not impossible to do. As a telemarketer, you just need to ask the right questions. The best way to come up with these questions is to brainstorm and map out the answers you want to hear. You should also anticipate any questions that the person on the other end of the line may ask.

You should also listen attentively to the prospects that you are calling in this first call. The ideal scenario is when there is equal chance of information exchange between buyers and sellers, so remember, keep on the ball!


2.   Position Yourself for Likeability


You’ll get more business if your customer likes you. It’s the implicit and simple yet brutal truth of sales. Aim to have the undivided attention of the prospect and they’ll look to do business with you again. Keep insecurities to yourself and make sure to come across as warm and welcoming to make sure you put the customer at east and secure their business.

3.   Permission Marketing


Everyone in sales should know that every single sales call needs a call to action in the form of a next step. So, if the prospect denies your request, you have to evaluate what you did wrong and avoid it the next time. Likewise, if the prospect goes for your request and you get the sale, then make sure you analyze how the call went and take notes for future attempts.

4.   Put Your Best Foot Forward


Presentation counts, in telemarketing more than anything! Customize your performance to make each step of the sales call memorable and professional for your client. Give them proof that the call is personalized within the first minute by starting with what your company can do for the prospect specifically. Most people can’t stand scripted calls and so all of this comes through prior research about the prospect, through scouring their website and social media.

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