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Lead Detective

Turn your web visitors into warm leads and then new business revenue!

Discovering which companies have visited your website provides an incredible source of warm leads. You know that the majority of web visitors do not make an enquiry. Our ‘Lead Detective’ software allows you to identify which company your web visitor is from. This warm data can then be used to make contact with the individuals, qualify them further and then start generating new business.

Lead Detective for you:

Smart Software

A smart piece of software code is added to your website

Smart Tracking

It then identifies which company has visited your website via their IP address

Smart Insights

For you we then use this insight to make contact with the right decision maker

Smart Leads

We then qualify the prospect further and generate an appointment / lead!

Lead Detective

How It Works:


Visits Site

The Marketing Director of ABC Ltd visits your site. They then left your website without filling in a form, downloading content etc


Lead Detective Alert

Lead Detective sends you an instant alert to say that ABC Ltd has visited your site. You can also login to an online portal.


Quality Insights

The platform provides: how they found your site, which pages they viewed and how long they visited each page.


Use the Data

You then use this data as a source of outbound marketing activity (i.e. send email, make a direct call, LinkedIn connection and engagement).


Positive Reactions

The identified prospect then responds positively to say they are interested in your product / service.



You engage with them, visit them, send a proposal / quote. They then buy from you and become a new customer!

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