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“89% of B2B marketers are using digital marketing to increase leads and drive their brand forward”

Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing
Everything we do is focussed on generating more leads for you. Digital & inbound marketing is rocket fuel for your business’ growth. It is an outstanding tool to generate you, new sales leads.

Jam Digital is the brand we use for our Digital Marketing – we are the same company (work in the same office!) but created the Jam Brand so our clients have more of an agency feel.

Our team at Jam Digital will improve your visibility online and increase the amount of traffic and inbound leads you get through your website using SEO, PPC and online marketing techniques. We dedicate time to ensuring that we fully understand your brand before we develop the most suitable strategy for your business to implement online.

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    Whether that’s through providing leads, enquiries, sales or audience growth, our team at Jam Digital focuses on every element and ingredient to provide clients with sensational results. Over the years our digital marketing team has developed substantial experience from working with hundreds of clients across various industries. Many of our past clients have required online strategies that targeted clients internationally. 

    We Deliver An Average 200% Return On Investment For Our Clients.

    Our Range Of Services

    Social Media Management

    We can enhance your brand awareness, improve the quality of your website traffic and can create better leads so you can get better results! We will provide key actions to help reach your company goals in line with our social media strategy techniques. Our job is to get your brand seen by the right audience WHEN and WHERE they are most likely to take action.


    Ensuring that your website is appropriately optimised can be a critical factor with regards to the efficiency of your site. Regardless of how professional or modern your website appears, without sufficient optimisation it is worthless. Fortunately, our experienced team can ensure that you get the most out of your website and rank higher on search engines.

    Pay Per Click (PPC)

    Marketing revolves around trying to develop relationships with customers at the appropriate time. Pay Per Click marketing is a guaranteed way to have your brand exposed to people who are looking directly for the product or service your company provides. Through utilising professional PPC management services the quality of the traffic coming to your site will increase the number of conversions.

    Website Development

    Creating a fast new site that is user, Google and mobile friendly can take weeks to complete. That’s why it’s so important you commit to the right agency when you’re making your decision. Our developers created over 40 new websites for our clients last year!


    Our passion lies in crafting creative assets that make an IMPACT. From single Social Graphics that ‘Stop the Scroll’, to full Brand Renovations, we take creativity very seriously and we deliver it with intent. Combine our innovative approach with your expert knowledge of your brand/sector. We can create everything from written posts to animation and video content to really enhance each post or page. 

    Digital Advertising

    Get your brand noticed, digital advertising is now the predominant technique used in order for companies to pitch to potential clients. Digital ads are now so commonly used that people occasionally won’t even realise that what they are looking at on their device is a digital advert.


    Here at Jam, we are committed to sharing knowledge and techniques, to enable you to enhance your in-house expertise. If you aren’t ready to hand the reins over to an agency, but desperate to update your knowledge and skills on digital marketing, you should take a look at our coaching sessions. You can gain impressive skills in any aspect of social media, SEO, Pay Per Click, design and digital advertising, guided by a dedicated marketing expert every step of the way.

    What makes TLGC & Jam different?

    The Lead Generation Company and Jam Digital work very closely together, and some of our clients have packages which combine both of our services. For example, running PPC campaigns and a Telemarketing campaign at the same time. As a multi award winning agency we know exactly how to place your brand in front of the key decision makers in your target market.  

    We use the latest tools and techniques on a daily basis to deliver results for clients across all industries and sectors. Our track record proves just how well our approach works. Let us make it work for you too.

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    More inbound enquiries via phonecalls and complete forms online

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    More engagement with your target audience

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    More leads with a higher conversion rate

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    More sales for your



    With clear and transparent reporting you have full insight into your digital marketing activity. You can see what is working, what is not working and then our recommendations to turn this around for you. We have regular catch up calls to go through performance to ensure your results and your ROI is optimised.


    We work with a variety of industries

    The Lead Generation Company have delivered campaigns in almost every sector/industry. In order to achieve success in each of these areas, it’s essential that our approach is adaptable, agile and impactful. With this experience comes an ability to hit the ground running for new clients.



    From social listening to insights and analysis, data is now the most valuable resource on the planet. We grasp all live learnings from our campaigns, ensuring that each tweak and adjustment is driven by data. Are you taking advantage of the huge potential your data holds?

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