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Four Top Tips For B2B Telemarketing Campaigns

Business 2 Business Telemarketing is alive and well! As we face the year ahead there really is no better way to get 2019 off to the perfect start than

Use B2B Telemarketing to Optimize Your Sales Funnel.

As more methods and tools are integrating with marketing practices, the sales funnel has also evolved to a great extent. The advent of digital marketi

Top Tips For An Effective Telemarketing Campaign

There has been a general consensus among the marketing community that it is always hard to carry out Business to Business / B2B promotion and lead gen

How to master B2B lead qualification process for inbound sales?

Lead qualification is the process through which businesses can identify prospective customers among leads. In order to streamline the inbound sales de

How to make gatekeepers your ally

No matter how skillfully a telemarketing campaign is devised, it will certainly fall flat if sales representatives can’t get through gatekeepers. In

3 Ways You Can Sway The Gatekeeper

For outbound telemarketing campaigns, the gatekeeper can be the difference between huge success and huge failure. Gatekeepers tend to be personal secr

3 Keys to a Having Great Sales Voice

When it comes to setting the tone, your voice in sales is very important. If you don’t have a clear and confident tone, you may be losing out on bus

4 Ways to Succeed With The Gatekeeper

Have you ever felt totally unable to get past gatekeepers? If so, you’re not alone. Administrative assistants, receptionists, departmental operators

You’ve Completed a Sales Call. Great! What’s Next?

4 Must-Do Next Steps After a Completed Sales Call   You’ve completed your sales call with the consistent concentration and determination that w
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