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Telemarketing Training

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What our clients say...

The results surpassed our expectations. We ended up with a customer base of relevant leads keen to talk and do business with us.

- Operations Director


B2B Telemarketing Training

Are your sales staff delivering the best results?

What happens if you train your sales staff and they leave? And what happens if you don’t and they stay! It is important to invest in your staff. There is no time to waste on ‘seeing what happens’ when it comes to your telesales and telemarketing team. To get results fast your people need to know how to sell more, to more people, at the most profitable price. That’s why everyone will benefit from our telemarketing training support.

The benefits you get with B2B Sales Training

Telesales/Telemarketing Training content tailored to your needs and growth plans of your business, we deliver B2B telemarketing sales training to your in-house telesales team. For you, we do this through tailored workshops and 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring support both face-to-face and remotely. We strive to understand your business model, successes and current challenges and we tailor our content and approach accordingly.

Each in–house course is tailored to your needs and we suggest an initial consultation  takes place to ensure expectations are agreed with you. As Members of the ISMM  (Institute of Sales & Marketing Management) our courses are of the highest quality,  interactive, practical and participatory. The content has been refined and tailored over the  years to ensure it is valid, up to date, relevant and focused on the ever changing world of  how new business in won over. Content covers:

Format & Duration

Each workshop is either half a day or one full day in duration. The training is very  interactive so everyone gets the chance to participate. Individual actions are agreed at the  end of the workshop and if required we build in follow­up time with everyone so they can  get feedback or ask more questions and they put their learning into practice.  All training  comes with full copies of slides and handouts are provided for future review. Certificates  are also presented

How can The Lead Generation Company help your business?

The Lead Generation Company’s  B2B telemarketing training is focused on helping you  generate more appointments, leads, negotiate more effectively, better handle objections,  build relationships and close with confidence.

Our intervention will ultimately result in an increase in new business for you as well as an  increase in business from your existing customers.

Our In ­house Bespoke Telemarketing Training Summary:

“After the training I immediately went from setting 1 appointment per day to 3  appointments per day.”

“Without doubt the best training I have been on, from start to finish I got practical insight on  how to improve my conversion rates.”

“I would recommend this to anyone both from the seasoned professional to the novice, it  was bursting with interaction and very enjoyable.”

“The fact that the training is provided by an actual telemarketing company means you get  insight and learning from all types of different businesses, brilliant workshop.”